Taper Meet

Simulate a conference or national swim meet using either a swimmer's top times or their median times.

Simulated Results

50 Yard Freestyle
Billinghurst, TrevorHope College21.23Wheaton College Invite 201520
Fish, SkylerCalvin21.472015 Calvin Invite17
Campbell, MarshallCalvin21.882015 Calvin Invite16
Holstege, BenCalvin21.892015 Calvin Invite15
Kasper, AndrewCalvin22.18Calvin vs Olivet14
Parsons, TomAlbion22.20A3 Carthage Classic13
Ewing, KevinKalamazoo22.212015 Calvin Invite12
Deyoung, MaxCalvin22.32Calvin vs Alma11
Belmore, ParkerAlbion22.59Calvin Quad9
Burris, NickAlbion23.09A3 Carthage Classic7
Howard, ChuckOlivet23.12Manchester University vs. Oliv6
Rossi, PeterKalamazoo23.252015 Calvin Invite5
Boehm, TrevorHope College24.55Patrick Woehnker Invitational4
Brown, BrianHope College24.71Patrick Woehnker Invitational3
DeWitt, SethHope College24.90Hope vs Olivet2
Zhiss, MattKalamazoo26.29Kalamazoo College vs Olivet Co1
Freshwater, IanKalamazoo26.47Kalamazoo vs. Albion
Pearce, SeanAlbion26.91Wabash vs. Albion
Rommel, NathanHope College39.14Hope vs Calvin
100 Yard Freestyle
Shaker, SharifKalamazoo47.022015 Calvin Invite20
Olberding, NathanCalvin47.802015 Calvin Invite17
Allen, MichaelKalamazoo48.022015 Calvin Invite16
Lee, AlexKalamazoo48.102015 Calvin Invite15
Fish, SkylerCalvin49.05Calvin vs Olivet14
Emmert, CharlesHope College49.29Wheaton College Invite 201513
Barrett, StephenCalvin49.592015 Calvin Invite12
Rossi, PeterKalamazoo49.792015 Calvin Invite11
Lindquist, JakeKalamazoo50.07Kalamazoo vs. Hope9
Meade, JoshuaHope College50.10Wheaton College Invite 20157
Howard, ChuckOlivet50.53A3 Carthage Classic6
Burris, NickAlbion50.60A3 Carthage Classic5
Smith, KurtAlma College50.88A3 Carthage Classic4
Deppner, NickAlbion51.59MIAA dual: Alma at Albion3
Maclean, DuncanHope College52.02Hope vs Olivet2
Freshwater, IanKalamazoo53.382015 Calvin Invite1
Smith, NickAlbion54.17MIAA dual: Alma at Albion
200 Yard Freestyle
Bosko, DerekAlbion1:42.13A3 Carthage Classic20
Campbell, MarshallCalvin1:46.312015 Calvin Invite17
Britton, JaredCalvin1:46.422015 Calvin Invite16
Lee, AlexKalamazoo1:46.532015 Calvin Invite15
Olberding, NathanCalvin1:49.36Calvin vs Wayne State14
Blair, BlakeAlbion1:49.86A3 Carthage Classic13
Kozycki, NateAlbion1:50.35Calvin Quad12
Trombley, TroyAlbion1:50.96A3 Carthage Classic11
Deppner, NickAlbion1:52.09A3 Carthage Classic9
Ferrara, EricAlma College1:52.79MIAA dual: Alma at Albion7
Emmert, CharlesHope College1:53.49Hope vs Olivet6
Smith, NickAlbion1:55.00SVSU vs Albion College5
Hackley, JohnHope College1:57.41Hope vs Olivet4
Plesner, BryanOlivet1:58.04A3 Carthage Classic3
Melinsky, DerekOlivet2:02.83Kalamazoo College vs Olivet Co2
500 Yard Freestyle
Huidobro, GerardoAlbion4:52.77Calvin Quad20
Tostado, SebastianAlbion4:56.00Wabash vs. Albion17
Harvey, KyleAlbion5:00.21A3 Carthage Classic16
Fish, SkylerCalvin5:01.16Calvin vs Wayne State15
Schroder, MitchCalvin5:02.15Calvin vs Olivet14
Holstege, BenCalvin5:08.48Calvin vs Alma13
Britton, JaredCalvin5:09.50Calvin vs Alma12
Ferrara, EricAlma College5:11.03A3 Carthage Classic11
Boehm, TrevorHope College5:11.46Wheaton College Invite 20159
Pearce, SeanAlbion5:17.69Calvin Quad7
Tarske, StevenCalvin5:18.51Calvin vs Alma6
Freshwater, IanKalamazoo5:22.292015 Calvin Invite5
Parsons, TomAlbion5:22.40MIAA dual: Alma at Albion4
Trombley, TroyAlbion5:42.19MIAA dual: Alma at Albion3
1650 Yard Freestyle
Barrett, StephenCalvin16:29.732015 Calvin Invite20
Blair, BlakeAlbion16:46.48A3 Carthage Classic17
O'Donnell, EvanKalamazoo17:47.652015 Calvin Invite16
Ferrara, EricAlma College17:52.92A3 Carthage Classic15
Meade, JoshuaHope College18:16.00Patrick Woehnker Invitational14
Jackman, HunterAlbion19:01.82A3 Carthage Classic13
Trombley, TroyAlbion19:40.70A3 Carthage Classic12
100 Yard Butterfly
Muma, BrandonCalvin51.222015 Calvin Invite20
Belmore, ParkerAlbion52.81A3 Carthage Classic17
Holstege, EliCalvin54.42Calvin vs Olivet16
Tarske, StevenCalvin54.832015 Calvin Invite15
Kerbawy, KelseyKalamazoo55.042015 Calvin Invite14
Drukker, GrantCalvin55.342015 Calvin Invite13
Howard, ChuckOlivet56.23Kalamazoo College vs Olivet Co12
Anderson, MatthewAlbion57.39A3 Carthage Classic11
Guthrie, GusKalamazoo59.452015 Calvin Invite9
Harder, LucasAlbion59.69MIAA dual: Alma at Albion7
Duchene, JustinAlbion1:00.07A3 Carthage Classic6
Gorgas, EvanKalamazoo1:00.98Kalamazoo College vs Olivet Co5
Smith, KurtAlma College1:01.15Alma College vs. SVSU4
200 Yard Butterfly
Shaker, SharifKalamazoo1:53.002015 Calvin Invite20
Vincent, TannerCalvin1:54.642015 Calvin Invite17
Olberding, NathanCalvin1:56.882015 Calvin Invite16
Wasko, JakeKalamazoo1:57.252015 Calvin Invite15
Perczak, RyanKalamazoo2:03.702015 Calvin Invite14
Meindertsma, CalebCalvin2:03.74Calvin Quad13
Boehm, TrevorHope College2:08.92Wheaton College Invite 201512
Kerbawy, KelseyKalamazoo2:12.302015 Calvin Invite11
Duchene, JustinAlbion2:15.69A3 Carthage Classic9
100 Yard Backstroke
Shaker, SharifKalamazoo52.982015 Calvin Invite20
Muma, BrandonCalvin54.63Calvin vs Olivet17
Schroder, MitchCalvin54.85Calvin vs Alma16
Kozycki, NateAlbion54.88Kalamazoo vs. Albion15
Rossi, PeterKalamazoo55.242015 Calvin Invite14
Kasper, AndrewCalvin55.92Calvin vs Wayne State13
Meindertsma, CalebCalvin56.09Calvin vs Olivet12
Blair, BlakeAlbion56.91A3 Carthage Classic11
Perczak, RyanKalamazoo58.162015 Calvin Invite9
Holstege, EliCalvin1:00.28Calvin vs Alma7
Kerbawy, KelseyKalamazoo1:00.95Kalamazoo vs. Hope6
Hackley, JohnHope College1:01.91Hope vs Olivet5
Smith, KurtAlma College1:04.16MIAA dual: Alma at Albion4
Plesner, BryanOlivet1:04.50Manchester University vs. Oliv3
Drukker, GrantCalvin1:05.68Calvin vs Alma2
200 Yard Backstroke
Vincent, TannerCalvin1:55.992015 Calvin Invite20
Kasper, AndrewCalvin2:00.30Calvin vs Olivet17
Belmore, ParkerAlbion2:03.84SVSU vs Albion College16
Holstege, BenCalvin2:06.08Hope vs Calvin15
O'Donnell, EvanKalamazoo2:08.342015 Calvin Invite14
Tarske, StevenCalvin2:12.42Calvin vs Olivet13
Pearce, SeanAlbion2:19.49MIAA dual: Alma at Albion12
Plesner, BryanOlivet2:20.39Calvin vs Olivet11
100 Yard Breastroke
Lindquist, JakeKalamazoo56.082015 Calvin Invite20
Huidobro, GerardoAlbion59.23Calvin Quad17
Stoughton, BrettCalvin1:00.072015 Calvin Invite16
Harder, LucasAlbion1:00.49A3 Carthage Classic15
Ewing, KevinKalamazoo1:01.64Kalamazoo College vs Olivet Co14
Wagoner, TrevorHope College1:01.80Wheaton College Invite 201513
Otteman, ChristianHope College1:03.23Hope vs Olivet12
Meade, JoshuaHope College1:05.27Patrick Woehnker Invitational11
Roberts, ScottKalamazoo1:08.04Kalamazoo vs. Albion9
Gorgas, EvanKalamazoo1:09.32Kalamazoo vs. Albion7
Harvey, KyleAlbion1:09.33Wabash vs. Albion6
Brown, BrianHope College1:12.28Hope vs Olivet5
200 Yard Breastroke
Huidobro, GerardoAlbion2:08.14Calvin Quad20
Holstege, EliCalvin2:09.112015 Calvin Invite17
Gorgas, EvanKalamazoo2:21.072015 Calvin Invite16
Stoughton, BrettCalvin2:21.18Calvin Quad15
Drukker, GrantCalvin2:31.02Calvin vs Wheaton14
Anderson, MatthewAlbion2:39.04SVSU vs Albion College13
200 Yard Individual Medley
Meindertsma, CalebCalvin1:55.932015 Calvin Invite20
Kozycki, NateAlbion1:56.53A3 Carthage Classic17
Otteman, ChristianHope College1:58.11Wheaton College Invite 201516
Harder, LucasAlbion2:00.39A3 Carthage Classic15
Sullivan, DanHope College2:05.13Wheaton College Invite 201514
Lee, AlexKalamazoo2:09.61Kalamazoo College vs Olivet Co13
Lensing, JakeCalvin2:09.86Calvin vs Alma12
O'Donnell, EvanKalamazoo2:10.222015 Calvin Invite11
Grant, KeenanKalamazoo2:10.832015 Calvin Invite9
Wasko, JakeKalamazoo2:11.07Kalamazoo College vs Olivet Co7
Barrett, StephenCalvin2:12.31Calvin vs Olivet6
Melinsky, DerekOlivet2:14.68Hope vs Olivet5
Duchene, JustinAlbion2:19.74A3 Carthage Classic4
400 Yard Individual Medley
Vincent, TannerCalvin4:06.632015 Calvin Invite20
Ewing, KevinKalamazoo4:06.942015 Calvin Invite17
Campbell, MarshallCalvin4:26.912015 Calvin Invite16
Grant, KeenanKalamazoo4:48.422015 Calvin Invite15
200 Yard Medley Relay
Olivet RelayOlivet1:48.79Manchester University vs. Oliv40

Score Report

Show By:
Vincent, Tanner 57
Campbell, Marshall 49
Olberding, Nathan 47
Fish, Skyler 46
Meindertsma, Caleb 45
Kasper, Andrew 44
Holstege, Ben 43
Holstege, Eli 40
Barrett, Stephen 38
Muma, Brandon 37
Tarske, Steven 34
Stoughton, Brett 31
Schroder, Mitch 30
Drukker, Grant 29
Britton, Jared 28
Lensing, Jake 12
Deyoung, Max 11
Huidobro, Gerardo 57
Kozycki, Nate 44
Belmore, Parker 42
Blair, Blake 41
Harder, Lucas 37
Trombley, Troy 26
Anderson, Matthew 24
Harvey, Kyle 22
Bosko, Derek 20
Duchene, Justin 19
Pearce, Sean 19
Parsons, Tom 17
Tostado, Sebastian 17
Jackman, Hunter 13
Deppner, Nick 12
Burris, Nick 12
Smith, Nick 5
Shaker, Sharif 60
Ewing, Kevin 43
Lee, Alex 43
O'Donnell, Evan 41
Kerbawy, Kelsey 31
Rossi, Peter 30
Lindquist, Jake 29
Gorgas, Evan 28
Grant, Keenan 24
Perczak, Ryan 23
Wasko, Jake 22
Allen, Michael 16
Guthrie, Gus 9
Roberts, Scott 9
Freshwater, Ian 6
Zhiss, Matt 1
Hope College
Meade, Joshua 32
Otteman, Christian 28
Boehm, Trevor 25
Billinghurst, Trevor 20
Emmert, Charles 19
Sullivan, Dan 14
Wagoner, Trevor 13
Hackley, John 9
Brown, Brian 8
DeWitt, Seth 2
Maclean, Duncan 2
Rommel, Nathan 0
Olivet Relay 40
Howard, Chuck 24
Plesner, Bryan 17
Melinsky, Derek 7
Alma College
Ferrara, Eric 33
Smith, Kurt 12

Final Scores

Hope College172
Alma College45

Placing Probabilities

We estimate the probabilities that each team will finish in a certain spot by simulating the meet 100 times and giving each swim a 2% variation. A 10% chance of first place means that the team finished first in 10% of the simulated meets.