Taper Meet

Simulate a conference or national swim meet using either a swimmer's top times or their median times.

Simulated Results

50 Yard Freestyle
Hew, MadeleineHunter26.84Hunter vs Baruch20
Rubiano, AlexandraHunter26.96Hunter College vs USMMA17
Lou, JessicaHunter28.05Hunter vs St Joseph's College16
Gaggi, NaomiStaten Island28.68WPUNJ Vs CSI Meet15
Huezo, GabrielleBaruch29.53ECAC WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP 201514
Collins, IreneHunter29.65SJC-LI vs. Hunter College13
Bailey, Kerry-AnnYork College29.87Brooklyn College Vs York Colle12
Bruce, KaylieJohn Jay30.26John Jay vs. St. Joseph's Broo11
Nieves, YaideeLehman30.572015 MR AP KBM December Meet #28
Nakhon, KimiaBrooklyn30.57Brooklyn College Vs York Colle8
Iken, AmandaHunter31.26SJC-LI vs. Hunter College6
Thong, NancyHunter31.78Hunter v York5
Perez, SusanaLehman31.792015-16 SUNY Maritime College4
Shaw, JessicaStaten Island31.95WPUNJ Vs CSI Meet3
McLoughlin, CaitlinStaten Island32.94John Jay vs. College of Staten2
Dilone, IdalexaBaruch34.63Baruch Vs WPUNJ Meet1
Schreiber, NoraBrooklyn34.68Brooklyn College vs. Purchase
Russell, MariaJohn Jay35.61John Jay vs. York
Tartan, LauraBrooklyn35.84Brooklyn College vs. Purchase
Rivas, AdelinaYork College44.50John Jay vs. York
Hoyos, MarianaYork College45.47Brooklyn College Vs York Colle
100 Yard Freestyle
Ambrosio, WendyBaruch58.54ECAC WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP 201520
Lou, JessicaHunter1:00.50Hunter vs Queens College (NY)17
Sergeant, SafiyaBaruch1:01.49ECAC WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP 201516
Sung, AmyBaruch1:01.88Hunter vs Baruch15
Fedorov, ChristinaHunter1:02.91Hunter vs Queens College (NY)14
Canning, CarlaHunter1:04.112015-16 Hunter College vs Lehm13
Huezo, GabrielleBaruch1:04.31ECAC WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP 201512
Murawski, NatalieBaruch1:08.72Baruch vs York College11
McKie, MonikaHunter1:10.61Hunter vs St Joseph's College9
Mollo-Siano, DanielleBrooklyn1:10.85SUNY Old Westbury vs. Brooklyn7
Glotova, ElizavettaBaruch1:11.89Baruch Vs WPUNJ Meet6
Thong, NancyHunter1:12.60Hunter College vs College of S5
Parthenis, ChristinaJohn Jay1:12.64John Jay vs. Hunter4
McLoughlin, CaitlinStaten Island1:13.05John Jay vs. College of Staten3
Liu, MeiHunter1:17.37SJC-LI vs. Hunter College2
Sherpa, PasangHunter1:18.38Hunter College vs College of S1
Lodvikov, MariaBrooklyn1:20.73Brooklyn College Vs York Colle
Dilone, IdalexaBaruch1:21.61Baruch Vs WPUNJ Meet
Yanez, TaniaJohn Jay1:23.52John Jay vs. York
Russell, MariaJohn Jay1:24.46John Jay vs. York
Lu, JoyceBrooklyn1:34.91Brooklyn vs. SUNY Old Westbury
Hoyos, MarianaYork College1:47.43Brooklyn College Vs York Colle
200 Yard Freestyle
Ambrosio, WendyBaruch2:09.70Baruch vs York College20
Lou, JessicaHunter2:12.03Hunter College vs USMMA17
Vassilieva, ValerieBrooklyn2:12.22SUNY Old Westbury vs. Brooklyn16
Lee, RoseBaruch2:13.00ECAC WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP 201515
Xue, KellyHunter2:15.632015-16 Hunter College vs Lehm14
Mejia, AngelaLehman2:16.802015-16 Hunter College vs Lehm13
Collins, IreneHunter2:17.64John Jay vs. Hunter12
Bruce, KaylieJohn Jay2:26.15John Jay vs. Hunter11
Gaysenko, KarinaBrooklyn2:36.20Brooklyn College Vs York Colle9
Huezo, GraceHunter2:36.58John Jay vs. Hunter7
Li, DoraBaruch2:39.12Baruch Vs WPUNJ Meet6
Perez, SusanaLehman2:40.492015-16 CSI vs Lehman College5
Buchanan, MarissaYork College2:41.61Hunter v York4
Oladele, ElizabethLehman2:44.532015-16 SUNY Maritime College3
Schreiber, NoraBrooklyn2:51.35Brooklyn vs. SUNY Old Westbury2
Sherpa, PasangHunter2:59.642015-16 Hunter College vs Lehm1
Mieux, CrystalBrooklyn3:44.90Brooklyn College vs. Purchase
Del Rosario, EvelynYork College3:48.13Baruch vs York College
Aguirre, NaomiYork College4:46.63John Jay vs. York
500 Yard Freestyle
Rubiano, AlexandraHunter5:43.21Hunter vs Baruch20
Vassilieva, ValerieBrooklyn6:01.73Brooklyn College Vs York Colle17
Phang, YeeBaruch6:12.70Baruch vs York College16
Wong, BokeyJohn Jay6:32.57John Jay vs. Hunter15
Murawski, NatalieBaruch6:42.92Hunter vs Baruch14
Valente, ChristinaHunter6:44.41Hunter vs St Joseph's College13
Gaysenko, KarinaBrooklyn7:06.13SUNY Old Westbury vs. Brooklyn12
Dawkins, HunterStaten Island7:17.98WPUNJ Vs CSI Meet11
Brown, OliviaStaten Island7:18.962015-16 CSI vs Lehman College9
Reyes, KatherineBaruch8:07.37Baruch vs York College7
Wu, SharonBaruch8:53.75Baruch vs York College6
Russell, MariaJohn Jay8:58.72John Jay vs. College of Staten5
Del Rosario, EvelynYork College10:03.70Brooklyn College Vs York Colle4
Guaman, GloriaYork College11:13.30Hunter v York3
1650 Yard Freestyle
Ambrosio, WendyBaruch20:01.63ECAC WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP 201520
100 Yard Butterfly
Chrisman, HeatherJohn Jay1:08.21John Jay vs. St. Joseph's Broo20
Ovalles, MelodyLehman1:11.782015-16 CSI vs Lehman College17
Wong, BokeyJohn Jay1:13.78John Jay vs. College of Staten16
Huezo, GabrielleBaruch1:13.81ECAC WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP 201515
Xue, RosaliaBrooklyn1:16.11SUNY Old Westbury vs. Brooklyn14
Gaggi, NaomiStaten Island1:19.502015-16 CSI vs Lehman College13
Dawkins, DakotaStaten Island1:20.41Hunter College vs College of S12
McKie, MonikaHunter1:22.37Hunter vs St Joseph's College11
Dawkins, HunterStaten Island1:33.74Hunter College vs College of S9
Yanez, TaniaJohn Jay1:44.33John Jay vs. Hunter7
Vasquez, AlexisLehman1:45.74Lehman College vs. Purchase Co6
Guaman, GloriaYork College2:18.82Brooklyn College Vs York Colle5
Mirashnichenka, NatalliaBaruch2:32.31Baruch vs York College4
200 Yard Butterfly
McKie, MonikaHunter3:15.20Hunter College vs College of S20
100 Yard Backstroke
Murawski, NatalieBaruch1:19.92Baruch vs York College20
Valente, ChristinaHunter1:24.51Hunter vs Queens College (NY)17
Mambetalieva, JamiliaStaten Island1:25.88WPUNJ Vs CSI Meet16
Buchanan, MarissaYork College1:26.95John Jay vs. York15
Krashi, BelianaBaruch1:27.20Baruch Vs WPUNJ Meet14
Thong, NancyHunter1:28.27Hunter vs Queens College (NY)13
Lodvikov, MariaBrooklyn1:41.49SUNY Old Westbury vs. Brooklyn12
Mieux, CrystalBrooklyn1:47.04SUNY Old Westbury vs. Brooklyn11
Del Rosario, EvelynYork College2:13.02Hunter v York9
Rivas, AdelinaYork College2:23.77Baruch vs York College7
Aguirre, NaomiYork College2:53.91Hunter v York6
Hoyos, MarianaYork College3:04.39John Jay vs. York5
200 Yard Backstroke
Walsh, KellyStaten Island2:46.44College of Staten Island vs. P20
Huezo, GraceHunter2:58.41SJC-LI vs. Hunter College17
Valente, ChristinaHunter2:59.85Hunter College vs College of S16
Krashi, BelianaBaruch3:29.08Baruch vs York College15
Schreiber, NoraBrooklyn3:33.21Brooklyn College Vs York Colle14
Cardi, SamanthaLehman3:41.652015-16 SUNY Maritime College13
100 Yard Breastroke
Chrisman, HeatherJohn Jay1:12.75John Jay vs. Hunter20
Dawkins, DakotaStaten Island1:12.942015-16 CSI vs Lehman College17
Parthenis, ChristinaJohn Jay1:13.93John Jay vs. York16
Dipaola, EmilyHunter1:16.472015-16 Hunter College vs Lehm15
Gaggi, NaomiStaten Island1:22.49WPUNJ Vs CSI Meet14
Brown, OliviaStaten Island1:32.802015-16 CSI vs Lehman College13
McLoughlin, CaitlinStaten Island1:33.32Hunter College vs College of S12
Donis, AlexiaHunter1:33.942015-16 Hunter College vs Lehm11
Bailey, Kerry-AnnYork College1:36.18Hunter v York9
Yanez, TaniaJohn Jay1:44.39John Jay vs. St. Joseph's Broo7
Acosta, GenesisJohn Jay2:46.91John Jay vs. St. Joseph's Broo6
Guaman, GloriaYork College3:03.21Hunter v York5
200 Yard Breastroke
Phang, YeeBaruch2:38.24ECAC WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP 201520
Brown, OliviaStaten Island3:30.58College of Staten Island vs. P17
200 Yard Individual Medley
Wojciechowska, EwaStaten Island2:24.46John Jay vs. College of Staten20
Escobedo, SamanthaStaten Island2:30.93College of Staten Island vs. P17
Dipaola, EmilyHunter2:33.55Hunter College vs College of S16
Dawkins, DakotaStaten Island2:37.07Hunter College vs College of S15
Mejia, AngelaLehman2:38.162015-16 SUNY Maritime College14
Lee, RoseBaruch2:41.44Baruch vs York College13
Xue, RosaliaBrooklyn2:43.50Brooklyn College Vs York Colle12
Sergeant, SafiyaBaruch2:55.36Baruch vs York College11
Buchanan, MarissaYork College3:13.36John Jay vs. York9
Vasquez, AlexisLehman3:39.322015-16 SUNY Maritime College7
200 Yard Medley Relay
John Jay RelayJohn Jay2:15.85John Jay vs. York40
York College RelayYork College2:57.78Hunter v York34
200 Yard Freestyle Relay
Brooklyn RelayBrooklyn1:56.03SUNY Old Westbury vs. Brooklyn40

Score Report

Show By:
Lou, Jessica 50
Valente, Christina 46
McKie, Monika 40
Rubiano, Alexandra 37
Dipaola, Emily 31
Collins, Irene 25
Huezo, Grace 24
Thong, Nancy 23
Hew, Madeleine 20
Xue, Kelly 14
Fedorov, Christina 14
Canning, Carla 13
Donis, Alexia 11
Iken, Amanda 6
Liu, Mei 2
Sherpa, Pasang 2
Ambrosio, Wendy 60
Murawski, Natalie 45
Huezo, Gabrielle 41
Phang, Yee 36
Krashi, Beliana 29
Lee, Rose 28
Sergeant, Safiya 27
Sung, Amy 15
Reyes, Katherine 7
Wu, Sharon 6
Li, Dora 6
Glotova, Elizavetta 6
Mirashnichenka, Natallia 4
Dilone, Idalexa 1
Staten Island
Dawkins, Dakota 44
Gaggi, Naomi 42
Brown, Olivia 39
Wojciechowska, Ewa 20
Dawkins, Hunter 20
Walsh, Kelly 20
Escobedo, Samantha 17
McLoughlin, Caitlin 17
Mambetalieva, Jamilia 16
Shaw, Jessica 3
John Jay
John Jay Relay 40
Chrisman, Heather 40
Wong, Bokey 31
Bruce, Kaylie 22
Parthenis, Christina 20
Yanez, Tania 14
Acosta, Genesis 6
Russell, Maria 5
Brooklyn Relay 40
Vassilieva, Valerie 33
Xue, Rosalia 26
Gaysenko, Karina 21
Schreiber, Nora 16
Lodvikov, Maria 12
Mieux, Crystal 11
Nakhon, Kimia 8
Mollo-Siano, Danielle 7
Tartan, Laura 0
Lu, Joyce 0
York College
York College Relay 34
Buchanan, Marissa 28
Bailey, Kerry-Ann 21
Del Rosario, Evelyn 13
Guaman, Gloria 13
Rivas, Adelina 7
Aguirre, Naomi 6
Hoyos, Mariana 5
Mejia, Angela 27
Ovalles, Melody 17
Vasquez, Alexis 13
Cardi, Samantha 13
Perez, Susana 9
Nieves, Yaidee 8
Oladele, Elizabeth 3

Final Scores

Staten Island238
John Jay178
York College127

Placing Probabilities

We estimate the probabilities that each team will finish in a certain spot by simulating the meet 100 times and giving each swim a 2% variation. A 10% chance of first place means that the team finished first in 10% of the simulated meets.