Taper Meet

Simulate a conference or national swim meet using either a swimmer's top times or their median times.

Simulated Results

50 Yard Freestyle
Dougherty, TyGettysburg20.70Gettysburg Invitational20
Gould, TylerGettysburg20.99Gettysburg Invitational17
Steele, AndrewSwarthmore21.50Swat vs McDaniel 201516
Sorenson, ParkerGettysburg21.62Gettysburg Invitational15
Milko, ZacharyGettysburg21.68Gettysburg Invitational14
Weiler, CodyWashington21.77R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation13
Sekula, SteveSwarthmore21.81Swat vs McDaniel 201512
Sanders, DannyF&M21.82Franklin and Marshall College In11
Yang, CharlesSwarthmore21.98Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 20159
Longenecker, BrentWashington22.04R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation7
Moser, ZachGettysburg22.04Gettysburg Invitational6
Mackenzie, KevinWashington22.18R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation5
Sweeney, PatrickGettysburg22.26Gettysburg Invitational4
Ranshous, DavidSwarthmore22.31Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 20153
Bennett, AlexDickinson22.33Gettysburg Invitational2
Potocki, KevinDickinson22.38Dickinson v Ursinus1
Venables, TravisUrsinus22.38Golden Ram Classic
Logan, CharlesWashington22.48R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Murphy, MattF&M22.50Franklin and Marshall College In
Belo, AllenDickinson22.54Gettysburg Invitational
Deluca, MichaelGettysburg22.61Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 2015
Kamons, KeithF&M22.72Franklin and Marshall College In
Hernandez, AlejandroSwarthmore22.76Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 2015
Benn, WilliamUrsinus22.86Golden Ram Classic
Wrigley, SethWashington22.97R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Heckman, AlecUrsinus23.06Dickinson v Ursinus
Collopy, SpencerUrsinus23.11Golden Ram Classic
Hoops, ChrisUrsinus23.13McDaniel v Ursinus
Linden, LoganMcDaniel23.33Swat vs McDaniel 2015
Long, OwenMcDaniel23.61Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 2015
Lenker, MichaelDickinson23.71Gettysburg Invitational
Jouravlev, SashaDickinson23.90Gettysburg Invitational
Gilhooly, DylanDickinson24.01Gettysburg Invitational
Marrone, JamesUrsinus24.04McDaniel v Ursinus
Kalinowski, CodyF&M24.14R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Atkinson, JustinF&M24.15R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Simacek, SamMcDaniel24.21McDaniel v Ursinus
Rabah, RebhiF&M24.79Franklin and Marshall College In
Meza, KevinMcDaniel25.15McDaniel v Ursinus
Brennan, PaulMcDaniel25.24Swat vs McDaniel 2015
Austin, BrianMcDaniel26.20Towson vs McDaniel
Simon, JeremyMcDaniel29.45Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 2015
100 Yard Freestyle
Dougherty, TyGettysburg45.34Gettysburg Invitational20
Gould, TylerGettysburg45.91Gettysburg Invitational17
Nieves, FranciscoGettysburg47.02Gettysburg Invitational16
Sorenson, ParkerGettysburg47.11Gettysburg Invitational15
Moser, ZachGettysburg47.52Gettysburg Invitational14
Deluca, MichaelGettysburg47.96Gettysburg Invitational13
Milko, ZacharyGettysburg47.98Gettysburg Invitational12
Sanders, DannyF&M48.14R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation11
Steele, AndrewSwarthmore48.28Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 20159
Bennett, AlexDickinson48.31Gettysburg Invitational7
Ranshous, DavidSwarthmore48.45Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 20156
Yang, CharlesSwarthmore48.47Swarthmore Invitational 20155
Longenecker, BrentWashington48.48R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation4
Potocki, KevinDickinson48.54Dickinson v Ursinus3
Mackenzie, KevinWashington48.59R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation2
Murphy, MattF&M48.74Franklin and Marshall College In1
Mercando, JasonWashington48.92R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Kamons, KeithF&M49.35R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Cooper, DylanUrsinus49.38Getysburg v Ursinus
Venables, TravisUrsinus49.44Golden Ram Classic
Bradshaw, DjWashington49.68R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Sweeney, PatrickGettysburg49.75Gettysburg Invitational
Karickhoff, AlanDickinson49.80Gettysburg Invitational
McNamara, ColinUrsinus50.13Getysburg v Ursinus
Belo, AllenDickinson50.37Gettysburg Invitational
Burton, DavidF&M50.58Franklin and Marshall College In
Collopy, SpencerUrsinus50.88Golden Ram Classic
Myers, JohnnyUrsinus52.22McDaniel v Ursinus
Reid, BrianDickinson52.28Dickinson v Ursinus
Long, OwenMcDaniel52.43McDaniel v Ursinus
Simacek, SamMcDaniel55.02Towson vs McDaniel
Brennan, PaulMcDaniel55.15McDaniel v Ursinus
Lipscomb, AustinDickinson55.22Gettysburg Invitational
Bond, BrandonMcDaniel55.42Swat vs McDaniel 2015
Rabah, RebhiF&M55.53Franklin and Marshall College In
Meza, KevinMcDaniel58.68Swat vs McDaniel 2015
200 Yard Freestyle
Nieves, FranciscoGettysburg1:43.50Gettysburg Invitational20
Sorenson, ParkerGettysburg1:43.92Gettysburg Invitational17
Elliott, PatWashington1:44.12R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation16
Bevilacqua, JonGettysburg1:44.33Gettysburg Invitational15
Bennett, AlexDickinson1:46.64Dickinson vs York14
Smith, ChrisSwarthmore1:46.78Swarthmore vs. FandM 201513
Moser, ZachGettysburg1:46.82Gettysburg Invitational12
Wagner, MarcusUrsinus1:47.08Golden Ram Classic11
Cooper, DylanUrsinus1:48.08Golden Ram Classic9
Sekula, SteveSwarthmore1:48.13Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 20157
Barthold, ChrisUrsinus1:48.52Golden Ram Classic6
Murphy, MattF&M1:48.77Franklin and Marshall College In5
Mercando, JasonWashington1:48.88R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation4
Lutzker, MichaelSwarthmore1:49.53Swarthmore Invitational 20153
Bradshaw, DjWashington1:49.98Gettysburg vs Washington2
Hsiung, BenSwarthmore1:50.05Demo Meet1
Gould, TimothyF&M1:50.07Franklin and Marshall College In
Burton, DavidF&M1:50.10Franklin and Marshall College In
Ribera, ErnieGettysburg1:50.19Gettysburg Invitational
Venables, TravisUrsinus1:50.93Golden Ram Classic
Connolly, ReevesF&M1:51.12Franklin and Marshall College In
Reid, BrianDickinson1:52.99Dickinson v Ursinus
Kamons, KeithF&M1:53.42R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Loehmer, BrandonMcDaniel1:58.71Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 2015
Lipscomb, AustinDickinson1:59.83Gettysburg Invitational
Long, OwenMcDaniel2:02.52Swat vs McDaniel 2015
Rabah, RebhiF&M2:04.82Franklin and Marshall College In
500 Yard Freestyle
Elliott, PatWashington4:41.61R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation20
Brooks, BradMcDaniel4:41.78McDaniel v Ursinus17
Wagner, MarcusUrsinus4:46.22Golden Ram Classic16
Bevilacqua, JonGettysburg4:46.52Gettysburg Invitational15
Perry, ReedF&M4:52.24Franklin and Marshall College In14
Lutzker, MichaelSwarthmore4:52.69Swarthmore Invitational 201513
Callaghan, JamesUrsinus4:54.19Golden Ram Classic12
Smith, ChrisSwarthmore4:54.31Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 201511
Greaney, PatrickF&M4:54.61Franklin and Marshall College In9
Scullion, IanGettysburg4:55.29Gettysburg Invitational7
Ribera, ErnieGettysburg4:55.94Gettysburg Invitational6
Reynolds, MitchDickinson4:56.62Gettysburg Invitational5
Connolly, ReevesF&M4:57.71Franklin and Marshall College In4
Barthold, ChrisUrsinus4:57.81Getysburg v Ursinus3
Sekula, SteveSwarthmore4:58.89Swarthmore Invitational 20152
Benner, WillGettysburg5:00.34Gettysburg Invitational1
Gill, KevinUrsinus5:00.71Getysburg v Ursinus
Alter, JordanF&M5:00.77R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Dorsch, FinnyWashington5:02.07R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Cooper, DylanUrsinus5:03.65Golden Ram Classic
Turek-Herman, JoshSwarthmore5:05.55Swarthmore Invitational 2015
Reid, BrianDickinson5:05.97Gettysburg Invitational
Campbell, KyleSwarthmore5:06.10Swarthmore Invitational 2015
Eaton, SamDickinson5:07.84Gettysburg Invitational
Turley, JimmyWashington5:08.06WC vs FandM '15
Mercando, JasonWashington5:11.29Gettysburg vs Washington
Collins, RileySwarthmore5:20.31Demo Meet
Brant, MichaelMcDaniel5:23.62Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 2015
Loehmer, BrandonMcDaniel5:31.29Swat vs McDaniel 2015
Lipscomb, AustinDickinson5:32.97Gettysburg Invitational
Turnbull, VinnyDickinson5:34.61Dickinson v Ursinus
Austin, BrianMcDaniel5:50.96Towson vs McDaniel
Bond, BrandonMcDaniel5:51.99McDaniel v Ursinus
1650 Yard Freestyle
Morgan, LucasWashington16:32.56R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation20
Wagner, MarcusUrsinus16:46.25Golden Ram Classic17
Greaney, PatrickF&M16:58.42R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation16
Bevilacqua, JonGettysburg17:02.94Gettysburg Invitational15
Reynolds, MitchDickinson17:08.21Gettysburg Invitational14
Gill, KevinUrsinus17:13.12Golden Ram Classic13
Connolly, ReevesF&M17:16.09Franklin and Marshall College In12
Ribera, ErnieGettysburg17:26.83Gettysburg Invitational11
Barthold, ChrisUrsinus17:26.89Golden Ram Classic9
Alter, JordanF&M17:32.99R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation7
Turek-Herman, JoshSwarthmore17:43.64Swarthmore Invitational 20156
Nonack, HenryUrsinus17:44.44Golden Ram Classic5
Collins, RileySwarthmore18:01.49Swarthmore Invitational 20154
Turley, JimmyWashington18:09.32R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation3
Dorsch, FinnyWashington18:37.95R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation2
100 Yard Butterfly
Gould, TylerGettysburg51.17Gettysburg Invitational20
Milko, ZacharyGettysburg51.36Gettysburg Invitational17
Longenecker, BrentWashington52.14R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation16
Steele, AndrewSwarthmore52.37Swat vs McDaniel 201515
Sweeney, PatrickGettysburg52.46Gettysburg Invitational14
Sanders, DannyF&M52.73Franklin and Marshall College In13
Perry, ReedF&M52.81R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation12
Cummings, TylerWashington53.02R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation11
Hartnett, KevinGettysburg53.30Gettysburg Invitational9
Jordan, KiernanDickinson53.48Gettysburg Invitational7
Hegna, JakobGettysburg53.68Gettysburg Invitational6
Schrock, IanGettysburg53.70Gettysburg Invitational5
Wrigley, SethWashington53.74WC vs FandM '154
McNamara, ColinUrsinus53.79Golden Ram Classic3
Kalinowski, CodyF&M53.84Franklin and Marshall College In2
Hoops, ChrisUrsinus53.96Getysburg v Ursinus1
Caffrey, RyanF&M54.09Franklin and Marshall College In
Zlupko, TjF&M54.52R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Ranshous, DavidSwarthmore54.58Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 2015
Heckman, AlecUrsinus54.69Golden Ram Classic
Formica, CharlesGettysburg55.31Gettysburg Invitational
Belo, AllenDickinson55.34Gettysburg Invitational
Myers, JohnnyUrsinus55.44Golden Ram Classic
Gilhooly, DylanDickinson56.07Gettysburg Invitational
Furman, DannyWashington56.55R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Linden, LoganMcDaniel1:00.22Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 2015
Bond, BrandonMcDaniel1:02.89Towson vs McDaniel
Meza, KevinMcDaniel1:02.95Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 2015
200 Yard Butterfly
Jordan, KiernanDickinson1:57.89Gettysburg Invitational20
Kalinowski, CodyF&M1:59.64Franklin and Marshall College In17
McNamara, ColinUrsinus1:59.75Golden Ram Classic16
Hochstein, BrentWashington1:59.76R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation15
Perry, ReedF&M1:59.81R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation14
Cummings, TylerWashington2:00.15R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation13
Brooks, BradMcDaniel2:00.18Swat vs McDaniel 201512
Lutzker, MichaelSwarthmore2:00.38Swat vs McDaniel 201511
Hoops, ChrisUrsinus2:00.54Dickinson v Ursinus9
Wrigley, SethWashington2:01.08R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation7
Burton, DavidF&M2:01.52R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation6
Heckman, AlecUrsinus2:01.73Getysburg v Ursinus5
Myers, JohnnyUrsinus2:03.98Golden Ram Classic4
Callaghan, JamesUrsinus2:04.25Dickinson v Ursinus3
Campbell, KyleSwarthmore2:04.90Swarthmore vs. FandM 20152
Schrock, IanGettysburg2:05.49Gettysburg vs Washington1
Zlupko, TjF&M2:06.32R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Gonzalez, NoahWashington2:06.60WC vs FandM '15
Lipscomb, TravisDickinson2:07.32Dickinson vs York
Turek-Herman, JoshSwarthmore2:09.05Demo Meet
Brant, MichaelMcDaniel2:09.84Towson vs McDaniel
Furman, DannyWashington2:09.92Widener Vs. Washington
Gilhooly, DylanDickinson2:10.53Gettysburg Invitational
Turley, JimmyWashington2:11.20R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
100 Yard Backstroke
Tse, JeffreySwarthmore51.75Swat vs McDaniel 201520
Hegna, JakobGettysburg52.63Gettysburg Invitational17
Benn, WilliamUrsinus52.97Golden Ram Classic16
Yang, CharlesSwarthmore54.22Swarthmore Invitational 201515
Gould, TimothyF&M54.23Franklin and Marshall College In14
Schrock, IanGettysburg54.24Gettysburg Invitational13
Logan, CharlesWashington54.36R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation12
Hartnett, KevinGettysburg54.51Gettysburg Invitational11
Weiler, CodyWashington55.14R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation9
Hsiung, BenSwarthmore55.16Swarthmore vs. FandM 20157
Marrone, JamesUrsinus55.39Golden Ram Classic6
Beley, JakeDickinson55.81Gettysburg Invitational5
Currie, JackF&M55.81Franklin and Marshall College In4
Formica, CharlesGettysburg55.87Gettysburg Invitational3
Mallozzi, DanielGettysburg56.92Gettysburg Invitational2
Jouravlev, SashaDickinson57.24Dickinson vs Scranton1
Nonack, HenryUrsinus57.59Getysburg v Ursinus
Atkinson, JustinF&M58.42Franklin and Marshall College In
Jordan, KiernanDickinson58.57Gettysburg Invitational
Bradshaw, DjWashington59.07WC vs FandM '15
Linden, LoganMcDaniel1:00.28McDaniel v Ursinus
Loehmer, BrandonMcDaniel1:09.70Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 2015
200 Yard Backstroke
Hegna, JakobGettysburg1:54.75Gettysburg Invitational20
Fitzstevens, LiamSwarthmore1:54.85Demo Meet17
Elliott, PatWashington1:55.78R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation16
Benn, WilliamUrsinus1:56.68Golden Ram Classic15
Gould, TimothyF&M1:56.94Franklin and Marshall College In14
Shapiro, BenDickinson1:58.98Dickinson v Ursinus13
Formica, CharlesGettysburg1:59.41Gettysburg Invitational12
Logan, CharlesWashington1:59.50R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation11
Hsiung, BenSwarthmore2:00.38Swarthmore vs. FandM 20159
Marrone, JamesUrsinus2:01.16Golden Ram Classic7
Weiler, CodyWashington2:01.82R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation6
Currie, JackF&M2:02.00Franklin and Marshall College In5
Vannevel, PaulMcDaniel2:03.58Swat vs McDaniel 20154
Jouravlev, SashaDickinson2:04.07Gettysburg Invitational3
Nonack, HenryUrsinus2:04.47Golden Ram Classic2
Beley, JakeDickinson2:04.98Dickinson v Ursinus1
Atkinson, JustinF&M2:05.49Franklin and Marshall College In
Mallozzi, DanielGettysburg2:06.78Gettysburg Invitational
Halmy, AdamMcDaniel2:07.23Towson vs McDaniel
100 Yard Breastroke
Dougherty, TyGettysburg56.34Gettysburg Invitational20
Allen, JustinMcDaniel59.22Swat vs McDaniel 201517
Lenker, MichaelDickinson1:00.05Gettysburg Invitational16
Mackenzie, KevinWashington1:00.13R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation15
Eaton, SamDickinson1:00.14Bloomsburg v. Dickinson14
Deluca, MichaelGettysburg1:00.42Gettysburg Invitational13
Caffrey, RyanF&M1:00.70R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation12
Hernandez, AlejandroSwarthmore1:00.84Swarthmore vs. FandM 201511
Gu, JerrySwarthmore1:02.01Demo Meet9
Beard, NicholasDickinson1:02.18Bloomsburg v. Dickinson7
Larkin, KeithUrsinus1:02.38Golden Ram Classic6
Coulter, MaxUrsinus1:02.57Golden Ram Classic5
Nielsen, DevinUrsinus1:02.64McDaniel v Ursinus4
Cummings, TylerWashington1:02.81Widener Vs. Washington3
Fu, JasonSwarthmore1:03.03Swarthmore vs. FandM 20152
Lipscomb, TravisDickinson1:03.06Gettysburg Invitational1
Collopy, SpencerUrsinus1:03.84Golden Ram Classic
Zlupko, TjF&M1:04.26Franklin and Marshall College In
Karickhoff, AlanDickinson1:05.20Gettysburg Invitational
Scullion, IanGettysburg1:06.82Gettysburg Invitational
Halmy, AdamMcDaniel1:06.89McDaniel v Ursinus
Gonzalez, NoahWashington1:08.56WC vs St Marys '15
Simacek, SamMcDaniel1:10.20McDaniel v Ursinus
Brennan, PaulMcDaniel1:16.09Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 2015
Samuels, JoshuaWashington1:16.52Widener Vs. Washington
Simon, JeremyMcDaniel1:16.72Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 2015
200 Yard Breastroke
Tse, JeffreySwarthmore2:11.66Swat vs McDaniel 201520
Lang, EricF&M2:14.81R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation17
Eaton, SamDickinson2:14.93Dickinson v Ursinus16
Lenker, MichaelDickinson2:15.27Gettysburg Invitational15
Allen, JustinMcDaniel2:16.66Swat vs McDaniel 201514
Fu, JasonSwarthmore2:16.72Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 201513
Cling, CjSwarthmore2:17.37Swarthmore vs. FandM 201512
Cling, CJSwarthmore2:17.37Swarthmore vs. FandM 201511
Gu, JerrySwarthmore2:17.49Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 20159
Larkin, KeithUrsinus2:17.69Golden Ram Classic7
Beard, NicholasDickinson2:18.26Gettysburg Invitational6
Coulter, MaxUrsinus2:18.70Golden Ram Classic5
Smith, ChrisSwarthmore2:19.33Swarthmore Invitational 20154
Melchior, KarlWashington2:20.17R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation3
Benner, WillGettysburg2:22.62Getysburg v Ursinus2
Hernandez, AlejandroSwarthmore2:22.65Demo Meet1
Pozmanter, MatthewF&M2:22.93WC vs FandM '15
Nielsen, DevinUrsinus2:26.46Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 2015
Scullion, IanGettysburg2:26.53Gettysburg Invitational
Collins, RileySwarthmore2:26.99Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 2015
Simon, JeremyMcDaniel2:54.00Towson vs McDaniel
Samuels, JoshuaWashington3:02.53Widener Vs. Washington
200 Yard Individual Medley
Morgan, LucasWashington1:56.75R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation20
Tse, JeffreySwarthmore1:57.08Swarthmore Invitational 201517
Nieves, FranciscoGettysburg1:57.99Gettysburg Invitational16
Fitzstevens, LiamSwarthmore1:59.04Swarthmore Invitational 201515
Shapiro, BenDickinson1:59.52Bloomsburg v. Dickinson14
Lang, EricF&M1:59.89R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation13
Hochstein, BrentWashington2:01.18R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation12
Caffrey, RyanF&M2:02.52Franklin and Marshall College In11
Cling, CjSwarthmore2:02.78Demo Meet9
Cling, CJSwarthmore2:02.78Demo Meet7
Allen, JustinMcDaniel2:03.20McDaniel v Ursinus6
Larkin, KeithUrsinus2:03.38Golden Ram Classic5
Beley, JakeDickinson2:03.60Gettysburg Invitational4
Currie, JackF&M2:04.18Franklin and Marshall College In3
Vannevel, PaulMcDaniel2:04.65Swat vs McDaniel 20152
Melchior, KarlWashington2:04.69R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation1
Nielsen, DevinUrsinus2:04.76McDaniel v Ursinus
Lipscomb, TravisDickinson2:06.38Gettysburg Invitational
Gu, JerrySwarthmore2:06.56Swarthmore Invitational 2015
Beard, NicholasDickinson2:06.69Dickinson vs York
Pozmanter, MatthewF&M2:07.04Franklin and Marshall College In
Gonzalez, NoahWashington2:07.70WC vs FandM '15
Halmy, AdamMcDaniel2:07.94McDaniel v Ursinus
Karickhoff, AlanDickinson2:09.70Gettysburg Invitational
Furman, DannyWashington2:12.17R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
400 Yard Individual Medley
Morgan, LucasWashington4:08.13R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation20
Brooks, BradMcDaniel4:08.88Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 201517
Fitzstevens, LiamSwarthmore4:14.82Swarthmore Invitational 201516
Hochstein, BrentWashington4:17.72R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation15
Callaghan, JamesUrsinus4:18.35Golden Ram Classic14
Lang, EricF&M4:20.40Franklin and Marshall College In13
Greaney, PatrickF&M4:21.25Franklin and Marshall College In12
Benner, WillGettysburg4:22.01Gettysburg Invitational11
Shapiro, BenDickinson4:22.22Gettysburg Invitational9
Cling, CjSwarthmore4:24.16Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 20157
Cling, CJSwarthmore4:24.16Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 20156
Reynolds, MitchDickinson4:24.48Gettysburg Invitational5
Pozmanter, MatthewF&M4:26.01Franklin and Marshall College In4
Vannevel, PaulMcDaniel4:27.00Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 20153
Campbell, KyleSwarthmore4:28.45Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 20152
Gill, KevinUrsinus4:29.18Golden Ram Classic1
Melchior, KarlWashington4:29.34R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Fu, JasonSwarthmore4:30.01Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 2015
Coulter, MaxUrsinus4:30.51Golden Ram Classic
Alter, JordanF&M4:30.88Franklin and Marshall College In
Mallozzi, DanielGettysburg4:31.09Gettysburg Invitational
Dorsch, FinnyWashington4:41.53R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Brant, MichaelMcDaniel4:49.90Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 2015
200 Yard Medley Relay
Gettysburg RelayGettysburg1:33.79Gettysburg Invitational40
Swarthmore RelaySwarthmore1:36.59Demo Meet34
Washington RelayWashington1:36.71Gettysburg vs Washington32
F&M RelayF&M1:38.22WC vs FandM '1530
McDaniel RelayMcDaniel1:39.01Gettysburg vs. McDaniel 201528
Ursinus RelayUrsinus1:39.27Getysburg v Ursinus26
Dickinson RelayDickinson1:39.92Dickinson vs Scranton24
400 Yard Medley Relay
Gettysburg RelayGettysburg3:30.71Gettysburg Invitational40
Swarthmore RelaySwarthmore3:32.26Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 201534
F&M RelayF&M3:35.99R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation32
Ursinus RelayUrsinus3:36.88Golden Ram Classic30
Dickinson RelayDickinson3:36.94Dickinson vs York28
200 Yard Freestyle Relay
Gettysburg RelayGettysburg1:24.78Gettysburg Invitational40
Swarthmore RelaySwarthmore1:26.09Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 201534
F&M RelayF&M1:26.97Franklin and Marshall College In32
Washington RelayWashington1:28.92WC vs FandM '1530
Ursinus RelayUrsinus1:29.64Swarthmore vs. Ursinus 201528
McDaniel RelayMcDaniel1:33.34Swat vs McDaniel 201526
400 Yard Freestyle Relay
Gettysburg RelayGettysburg3:04.46Gettysburg Invitational40
Swarthmore RelaySwarthmore3:10.57Demo Meet34
F&M RelayF&M3:12.70R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation32
Washington RelayWashington3:15.18R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation30
Ursinus RelayUrsinus3:17.53YCP v Ursinus v St Vincent v S28
Dickinson RelayDickinson3:19.50Dickinson vs Scranton26
McDaniel RelayMcDaniel3:28.51Towson vs McDaniel24
800 Yard Freestyle Relay
Gettysburg RelayGettysburg6:56.70Gettysburg Invitational40
F&M RelayF&M7:13.11R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation34
Swarthmore RelaySwarthmore7:16.25Swarthmore Invitational 201532
Ursinus RelayUrsinus7:24.35Golden Ram Classic30

Score Report

Show By:
Gettysburg Relay 200
Dougherty, Ty 60
Gould, Tyler 54
Nieves, Francisco 52
Sorenson, Parker 47
Bevilacqua, Jon 45
Milko, Zachary 43
Hegna, Jakob 43
Moser, Zach 32
Deluca, Michael 26
Hartnett, Kevin 20
Schrock, Ian 19
Sweeney, Patrick 18
Ribera, Ernie 17
Formica, Charles 15
Benner, Will 14
Scullion, Ian 7
Mallozzi, Daniel 2
Swarthmore Relay 168
Tse, Jeffrey 57
Fitzstevens, Liam 48
Steele, Andrew 40
Yang, Charles 29
Cling, Cj 28
Smith, Chris 28
Lutzker, Michael 27
Cling, CJ 24
Sekula, Steve 21
Gu, Jerry 18
Hsiung, Ben 17
Fu, Jason 15
Hernandez, Alejandro 12
Ranshous, David 9
Turek-Herman, Josh 6
Collins, Riley 4
Campbell, Kyle 4
F&M Relay 160
Lang, Eric 43
Perry, Reed 40
Greaney, Patrick 37
Sanders, Danny 35
Gould, Timothy 28
Caffrey, Ryan 23
Kalinowski, Cody 19
Connolly, Reeves 16
Currie, Jack 12
Alter, Jordan 7
Murphy, Matt 6
Burton, David 6
Pozmanter, Matthew 4
Atkinson, Justin 0
Zlupko, Tj 0
Kamons, Keith 0
Rabah, Rebhi 0
Washington Relay 92
Morgan, Lucas 60
Elliott, Pat 52
Hochstein, Brent 42
Weiler, Cody 28
Cummings, Tyler 27
Longenecker, Brent 27
Logan, Charles 23
Mackenzie, Kevin 22
Wrigley, Seth 11
Mercando, Jason 4
Melchior, Karl 4
Turley, Jimmy 3
Bradshaw, Dj 2
Dorsch, Finny 2
Samuels, Joshua 0
Furman, Danny 0
Gonzalez, Noah 0
Ursinus Relay 142
Wagner, Marcus 44
Benn, William 31
Callaghan, James 29
McNamara, Colin 19
Larkin, Keith 18
Barthold, Chris 18
Gill, Kevin 14
Marrone, James 13
Coulter, Max 10
Hoops, Chris 10
Cooper, Dylan 9
Nonack, Henry 7
Heckman, Alec 5
Nielsen, Devin 4
Myers, Johnny 4
Collopy, Spencer 0
Venables, Travis 0
Dickinson Relay 78
Shapiro, Ben 36
Lenker, Michael 31
Eaton, Sam 30
Jordan, Kiernan 27
Reynolds, Mitch 24
Bennett, Alex 23
Beard, Nicholas 13
Beley, Jake 10
Jouravlev, Sasha 4
Potocki, Kevin 4
Lipscomb, Travis 1
Belo, Allen 0
Lipscomb, Austin 0
Turnbull, Vinny 0
Gilhooly, Dylan 0
Karickhoff, Alan 0
Reid, Brian 0
McDaniel Relay 78
Brooks, Brad 46
Allen, Justin 37
Vannevel, Paul 9
Meza, Kevin 0
Loehmer, Brandon 0
Brennan, Paul 0
Brant, Michael 0
Halmy, Adam 0
Linden, Logan 0
Simon, Jeremy 0
Austin, Brian 0
Bond, Brandon 0
Long, Owen 0
Simacek, Sam 0

Final Scores


Placing Probabilities

We estimate the probabilities that each team will finish in a certain spot by simulating the meet 100 times and giving each swim a 2% variation. A 10% chance of first place means that the team finished first in 10% of the simulated meets.