Taper Meet

Simulate a conference or national swim meet using either a swimmer's top times or their median times.

Simulated Results

50 Yard Freestyle
Hallock, StephanieMary Washington23.88Gettysburg Invitational20
Nitchie, MaceyFrostburg St.24.83Franklin and Marshall College In17
Coryell, ShannonMary Washington24.96Gettysburg Invitational16
Fago, KatieMary Washington24.99Gettysburg Invitational15
Wood, LaurenMary Washington25.04Gettysburg Invitational14
Straathof, ElizabethSt. Mary's MD25.41R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation13
Luncher, KaitlinMary Washington25.62Gettysburg Invitational12
Tinus, MadisonSalisbury25.76Swarthmore Invitational 201511
Hood, TaylorMarymount25.94R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation9
Michielini, TaylorYCP26.422015 Lions Invitational7
Charkowick, NicoleSalisbury26.49Swarthmore Invitational 20156
Kristen, KilroyMarymount26.52R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation5
Witte, TaylorYCP26.55Elizabethtown at York (Pa.)4
Delsignore, HannaMarymount26.73R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation3
Mooney, TaylorMary Washington26.77Gettysburg Invitational2
Mallory, EdenSalisbury26.93Swarthmore Invitational 20151
Kobus, ReillyYCP26.94Elizabethtown at York (Pa.)
Blecha, IsabellaMarymount27.31R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Rodgers, DelaneyMarymount27.53R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Makriyianis, HelenMary Washington27.55Gettysburg Invitational
Jablonski, CarlyYCP28.29Dickinson vs York
Castelli, HelenSt. Mary's MD28.74R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Davis, HollyMarymount29.98R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Will, SamFrostburg St.30.58Franklin and Marshall College In
Rees, BryannaFrostburg St.34.81Franklin and Marshall College In
Wade, AiliFrostburg St.38.70Franciscan, Frostburg, Mary Wa
Caver, Jane'Frostburg St.43.75vs. Frostburg State
100 Yard Freestyle
Mann, MaddyYCP52.832015 Lions Invitational20
Nitchie, MaceyFrostburg St.53.74Franklin and Marshall College In17
Hallock, StephanieMary Washington53.99UMW vs WandL16
McIlmail, ZoeSt. Mary's MD54.36R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation15
Straathof, ElizabethSt. Mary's MD54.60R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation14
Luncher, KaitlinMary Washington54.93Gettysburg Invitational13
Sturgis, AndreaYCP55.722015 Lions Invitational12
Baldinazzo, BizuSalisbury56.102015 SU vs. York11
David, KatharinaMarymount56.27R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation9
Hood, TaylorMarymount57.64R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation7
Witte, TaylorYCP57.65Elizabethtown at York (Pa.)6
Delsignore, HannaMarymount57.82R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation5
Mallory, EdenSalisbury57.90Frostburg and Salisbury4
Tinus, MadisonSalisbury57.97Swarthmore Invitational 20153
Michielini, TaylorYCP58.322015 Lions Invitational2
Schoenecker, SamanthaSt. Mary's MD58.60R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation1
Moyer, AndriaSalisbury59.18Swarthmore Invitational 2015
McDermott, AlisonMarymount59.35R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Charkowick, NicoleSalisbury59.38Swarthmore Invitational 2015
Kobus, ReillyYCP1:00.162015 Lions Invitational
Makriyianis, HelenMary Washington1:00.30Gettysburg Invitational
Blecha, IsabellaMarymount1:01.79R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Jablonski, CarlyYCP1:02.01Elizabethtown at York (Pa.)
Snyder, AubreeYCP1:04.342015 Lions Invitational
Castelli, HelenSt. Mary's MD1:04.57R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Pettyjohn-Robin, LaurenFrostburg St.1:06.95Franklin and Marshall College In
Barmoy, EmilyFrostburg St.1:16.76FSU, DandE, GU, HSC
Mauricio, CaitlynFrostburg St.1:19.00Franklin and Marshall College In
Caver, Jane'Frostburg St.1:35.33Franklin and Marshall College In
200 Yard Freestyle
Mann, MaddyYCP1:53.302015 Lions Invitational20
Walnut, AshleyMary Washington1:55.31Gettysburg Invitational17
Adams, EmilyMary Washington1:56.59Gettysburg Invitational16
Nitchie, MaceyFrostburg St.1:56.91Franklin and Marshall College In15
Straathof, ElizabethSt. Mary's MD1:58.70R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation14
McIlmail, ZoeSt. Mary's MD1:59.02R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation13
Miller, MichaelaMary Washington1:59.04Gettysburg Invitational12
David, KatharinaMarymount2:00.26R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation11
Sturgis, AndreaYCP2:01.462015 Lions Invitational9
Plumley, TaylorMarymount2:05.18R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation7
Sonnenberg, RachelSt. Mary's MD2:05.21R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation6
Delsignore, HannaMarymount2:05.72R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation5
Neubig, MaggieMary Washington2:05.76Gettysburg Invitational4
Michielini, TaylorYCP2:07.532015 Lions Invitational3
McDermott, AlisonMarymount2:10.30UMW vs Marymount2
Lisk, RachelSalisbury2:10.382015 SU vs. York1
Blackwell, BriannaYCP2:10.662015 Lions Invitational
Early, TaylorMarymount2:10.94R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Witte, TaylorYCP2:11.082015 Lions Invitational
Mallory, EdenSalisbury2:12.34Swarthmore Invitational 2015
Wilson, StephanieSalisbury2:15.18Swarthmore Invitational 2015
Lertora, NicoleSt. Mary's MD2:17.20vs. Randolph-Macon College
Snyder, AubreeYCP2:18.78YCP v WJU
Beuchert, EmilyMarymount2:24.89R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Mauricio, CaitlynFrostburg St.2:52.17Franklin and Marshall College In
500 Yard Freestyle
Mann, MaddyYCP5:05.222015 Lions Invitational20
Walnut, AshleyMary Washington5:13.28Gettysburg Invitational17
Machlin, CaraSt. Mary's MD5:14.96R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation16
Cox, AbbyMary Washington5:15.71Gettysburg Invitational15
Adams, EmilyMary Washington5:15.97Gettysburg Invitational14
McIlmail, ZoeSt. Mary's MD5:17.87R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation13
David, KatharinaMarymount5:20.17R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation12
Sturgis, AndreaYCP5:21.972015 Lions Invitational11
Plumley, TaylorMarymount5:27.15R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation9
Neubig, MaggieMary Washington5:31.22Gettysburg Invitational7
Stewart, BaileyMary Washington5:31.61Gettysburg Invitational6
Blackwell, BriannaYCP5:35.142015 Lions Invitational5
Hester, JessicaMarymount5:35.45R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation4
Rivera, MarisolMarymount5:40.84R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation3
Guay, ClaudiaSalisbury5:43.19Swarthmore Invitational 20152
Tonkay, MaddieYCP5:45.272015 Lions Invitational1
Deering, MargaretSalisbury5:45.58Swarthmore Invitational 2015
Green, EmmaSt. Mary's MD5:51.55R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Early, TaylorMarymount5:52.53UMW vs Marymount
Lisk, RachelSalisbury5:55.66Swarthmore Invitational 2015
Fazenbaker, SydneyFrostburg St.5:59.31Franklin and Marshall College In
Wilson, StephanieSalisbury5:59.632015 SU vs. York
Beuchert, EmilyMarymount6:09.75R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Snyder, AubreeYCP6:19.80YCP v WJU
Tobin, DeannaFrostburg St.6:30.14Franklin and Marshall College In
Will, SamFrostburg St.6:34.58Franklin and Marshall College In
Pettyjohn-Robin, LaurenFrostburg St.6:45.96Franklin and Marshall College In
Russo, MariaFrostburg St.7:22.26Franklin and Marshall College In
Rees, BryannaFrostburg St.7:54.50Franklin and Marshall College In
Mauricio, CaitlynFrostburg St.8:30.29vs. Frostburg State
Murtaugh, KarenFrostburg St.9:15.14Franklin and Marshall College In
1650 Yard Freestyle
Machlin, CaraSt. Mary's MD17:53.07R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation20
Walnut, AshleyMary Washington17:54.60Gettysburg Invitational17
Neubig, MaggieMary Washington18:22.63Gettysburg Invitational16
Plumley, TaylorMarymount18:45.50R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation15
Blackwell, BriannaYCP18:49.422015 Lions Invitational14
Schult, NickiSalisbury18:58.60Swarthmore Invitational 201513
Turner, EmilyFrostburg St.19:09.79Franklin and Marshall College In12
Tonkay, MaddieYCP19:48.092015 Lions Invitational11
Lisk, RachelSalisbury20:38.72Swarthmore Invitational 20159
Mesmer, ShannonSalisbury20:45.77Swarthmore Invitational 20157
Wilson, StephanieSalisbury20:49.92Swarthmore Invitational 20156
Beuchert, EmilyMarymount22:13.07R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation5
100 Yard Butterfly
Hagy, HannahMary Washington58.85Gettysburg Invitational20
Coryell, ShannonMary Washington59.12Gettysburg Invitational17
Alston, MorganMarymount59.40R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation16
Machlin, CaraSt. Mary's MD1:00.29R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation15
Luncher, KaitlinMary Washington1:00.59Gettysburg Invitational14
Rymer, MaddyMary Washington1:01.57Gettysburg Invitational13
Gable, LayneSalisbury1:02.05WC vs. Salisbury '1512
Baldinazzo, BizuSalisbury1:02.29Swarthmore Invitational 201511
Stewart, BaileyMary Washington1:02.76Gettysburg Invitational9
Marders, NikkySalisbury1:03.23Widener Vs. Salisbury Dual7
McConaghy, KateYCP1:04.152015 Lions Invitational6
Rodgers, DelaneyMarymount1:04.28UMW vs Marymount5
Rivera, MarisolMarymount1:04.55R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation4
Moyer, AndriaSalisbury1:04.87Swarthmore Invitational 20153
Allera, MariaYCP1:07.18YCP v Messiah2
Schoenecker, SamanthaSt. Mary's MD1:12.22vs. SUNY Delhi1
Charkowick, NicoleSalisbury1:14.82WC vs. Salisbury '15
Alessandrini, ChrissyFrostburg St.1:19.39FSU, DandE, GU, HSC
Will, SamFrostburg St.1:28.82vs. Frostburg State
Pettyjohn-Robin, LaurenFrostburg St.1:36.66Quad Meet
Barmoy, EmilyFrostburg St.1:39.83vs. Frostburg State
Murtaugh, KarenFrostburg St.2:01.31Franklin and Marshall College In
200 Yard Butterfly
Murphy, MeganMary Washington2:09.09Gettysburg Invitational20
Cox, AbbyMary Washington2:09.92Gettysburg Invitational17
Banks, KaceyYCP2:14.222015 Lions Invitational16
Coryell, ShannonMary Washington2:17.60UMW vs Marymount15
Sonnenberg, RachelSt. Mary's MD2:18.07R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation14
Cassidy, ClaireMarymount2:19.87R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation13
Gable, LayneSalisbury2:20.18Swarthmore Invitational 201512
Stewart, BaileyMary Washington2:20.33Gettysburg Invitational11
Marders, NikkySalisbury2:28.062016 SU vs. UMW9
McConaghy, KateYCP2:29.342015 Lions Invitational7
Rodgers, DelaneyMarymount2:30.58vs. Goucher/Marymount (Va.)6
Allera, MariaYCP2:32.28YCP v Ursinus v St Vincent v S5
Rivera, MarisolMarymount2:34.80UMW vs Marymount4
Moyer, AndriaSalisbury2:43.68Widener Vs. Salisbury Dual3
Alessandrini, ChrissyFrostburg St.2:53.39vs. Frostburg State-Finals2
Mesmer, ShannonSalisbury3:06.092015 SU vs. Catholic1
100 Yard Backstroke
Fago, KatieMary Washington57.76Gettysburg Invitational20
Rymer, MaddyMary Washington59.48Gettysburg Invitational17
Mooney, TaylorMary Washington1:00.91Gettysburg Invitational16
Schmidt, KassidyMarymount1:02.13R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation15
Hood, TaylorMarymount1:02.17R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation14
Baldinazzo, BizuSalisbury1:02.48Swarthmore Invitational 201513
Turner, EmilyFrostburg St.1:03.11Franklin and Marshall College In12
Hallock, StephanieMary Washington1:03.23R-MC at UMW11
Straight, KarlieSt. Mary's MD1:04.02R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation9
Makriyianis, HelenMary Washington1:04.07Gettysburg Invitational7
Bogdanski, JuliaYCP1:04.452015 Lions Invitational6
Deering, MargaretSalisbury1:04.60Swarthmore Invitational 20155
Funk, LaurenMarymount1:04.77R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation4
Schlegel, HannahSalisbury1:04.99Widener Vs. Salisbury Dual3
Tinus, MadisonSalisbury1:05.082015 SU vs. York2
Lertora, NicoleSt. Mary's MD1:05.80R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation1
Adams, KathrynSalisbury1:06.02Swarthmore Invitational 2015
Zalkind, SaraYCP1:06.852015 Lions Invitational
Bowman, AlexandraYCP1:07.432015 Lions Invitational
Schoenecker, SamanthaSt. Mary's MD1:08.08R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Green, EmmaSt. Mary's MD1:09.24R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Blecha, IsabellaMarymount1:14.34R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Kobus, ReillyYCP1:15.92Elizabethtown at York (Pa.)
Russo, MariaFrostburg St.1:28.37Quad Meet
Murtaugh, KarenFrostburg St.1:50.74FSU, DandE, GU, HSC
Caver, Jane'Frostburg St.1:54.10Franklin and Marshall College In
200 Yard Backstroke
Corley, AnnaMary Washington2:06.13Gettysburg Invitational20
Adams, EmilyMary Washington2:09.83Gettysburg Invitational17
Rymer, MaddyMary Washington2:10.55Gettysburg Invitational16
Mooney, TaylorMary Washington2:11.18Gettysburg Invitational15
Turner, EmilyFrostburg St.2:14.23Franklin and Marshall College In14
Schmidt, KassidyMarymount2:14.69R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation13
Fago, KatieMary Washington2:15.03Gettysburg Invitational12
Miller, MichaelaMary Washington2:15.25Gettysburg Invitational11
Straight, KarlieSt. Mary's MD2:15.96R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation9
Bogdanski, JuliaYCP2:17.012015 Lions Invitational7
Deering, MargaretSalisbury2:19.49Swarthmore Invitational 20156
Liming, SamanthaSt. Mary's MD2:22.12R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation5
Schlegel, HannahSalisbury2:22.50Frostburg and Salisbury4
Bowman, AlexandraYCP2:22.712015 Lions Invitational3
McConaghy, KateYCP2:22.782015 Lions Invitational2
Adams, KathrynSalisbury2:22.90Swarthmore Invitational 20151
Funk, LaurenMarymount2:23.72R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Lertora, NicoleSt. Mary's MD2:26.25R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Green, EmmaSt. Mary's MD2:26.78R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Zalkind, SaraYCP2:27.402015 Lions Invitational
Alessandrini, ChrissyFrostburg St.2:44.24vs. Frostburg State-Finals
Mesmer, ShannonSalisbury2:50.67Widener Vs. Salisbury Dual
Russo, MariaFrostburg St.3:20.89vs. Frostburg State-Finals
100 Yard Breastroke
Hagy, HannahMary Washington1:07.58Gettysburg Invitational20
Corley, AnnaMary Washington1:08.06Gettysburg Invitational17
Weinberger, MaddieFrostburg St.1:08.08Franklin and Marshall College In16
Baughman, HailleySt. Mary's MD1:11.11vs. Randolph-Macon College15
Hester, JessicaMarymount1:11.24R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation14
Radcliffe, VictoriaSalisbury1:11.59Swarthmore Invitational 201513
Valenti, ElizabethSt. Mary's MD1:12.21R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation12
Hay, SamanthaYCP1:12.852015 Lions Invitational11
Donahue, MackenzieYCP1:14.672015 Lions Invitational9
Kristen, KilroyMarymount1:15.11UMW vs Marymount7
Davidson, SamanthaSalisbury1:15.28WC vs. Salisbury '156
Jablonski, CarlyYCP1:16.23Elizabethtown at York (Pa.)5
Fazenbaker, SydneyFrostburg St.1:16.41Franklin and Marshall College In4
Liming, SamanthaSt. Mary's MD1:18.87vs. Randolph-Macon College3
Davis, HollyMarymount1:21.76R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation2
Tobin, DeannaFrostburg St.1:21.90Franklin and Marshall College In1
Castelli, HelenSt. Mary's MD1:22.83WC vs St Marys '15
Andersen, KatieSt. Mary's MD1:23.40vs. SUNY Delhi
Wade, AiliFrostburg St.1:38.54Franklin and Marshall College In
Williams, JadaFrostburg St.1:43.20Franklin and Marshall College In
Rees, BryannaFrostburg St.1:47.89FSU, DandE, GU, HSC
200 Yard Breastroke
Weinberger, MaddieFrostburg St.2:28.41Franklin and Marshall College In20
Hagy, HannahMary Washington2:30.27Gettysburg Invitational17
Alston, MorganMarymount2:30.83R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation16
Hester, JessicaMarymount2:33.92R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation15
Radcliffe, VictoriaSalisbury2:35.24Frostburg and Salisbury14
Hay, SamanthaYCP2:38.582015 Lions Invitational13
Valenti, ElizabethSt. Mary's MD2:39.92R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation12
Baughman, HailleySt. Mary's MD2:40.38R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation11
Donahue, MackenzieYCP2:41.152015 Lions Invitational9
Davidson, SamanthaSalisbury2:43.74Swarthmore Invitational 20157
Kristen, KilroyMarymount2:45.70UMW vs Marymount6
Fazenbaker, SydneyFrostburg St.2:45.90Franklin and Marshall College In5
Guay, ClaudiaSalisbury2:48.77Swarthmore Invitational 20154
Davis, HollyMarymount2:51.76R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation3
Liming, SamanthaSt. Mary's MD2:53.78YCP v Ursinus v St Vincent v S2
Tobin, DeannaFrostburg St.2:57.69Franklin and Marshall College In1
Wade, AiliFrostburg St.3:33.33Franklin and Marshall College In
Williams, JadaFrostburg St.3:44.50Franklin and Marshall College In
200 Yard Individual Medley
Corley, AnnaMary Washington2:06.21Gettysburg Invitational20
Alston, MorganMarymount2:12.32R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation17
Murphy, MeganMary Washington2:12.55Gettysburg Invitational16
Cassidy, ClaireMarymount2:16.26R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation15
Miller, MichaelaMary Washington2:17.93Gettysburg Invitational14
Valenti, ElizabethSt. Mary's MD2:19.38R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation13
Weinberger, MaddieFrostburg St.2:19.72Franklin and Marshall College In12
Banks, KaceyYCP2:21.022015 Lions Invitational11
Straight, KarlieSt. Mary's MD2:21.76R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation9
Schmidt, KassidyMarymount2:22.18R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation7
Gable, LayneSalisbury2:22.45Swarthmore Invitational 20156
Schult, NickiSalisbury2:22.68Swarthmore Invitational 20155
Marders, NikkySalisbury2:23.00WC vs. Salisbury '154
Adams, KathrynSalisbury2:26.54Swarthmore Invitational 20153
Baughman, HailleySt. Mary's MD2:26.67vs. Randolph-Macon College2
Bogdanski, JuliaYCP2:26.712015 Lions Invitational1
Schlegel, HannahSalisbury2:27.85WC vs. Salisbury '15
Andersen, KatieSt. Mary's MD2:29.26R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Funk, LaurenMarymount2:29.30R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
McDermott, AlisonMarymount2:30.44R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation
Davidson, SamanthaSalisbury2:31.87Swarthmore Invitational 2015
Bowman, AlexandraYCP2:37.492015 Lions Invitational
Donahue, MackenzieYCP2:40.02Elizabethtown at York (Pa.)
Barmoy, EmilyFrostburg St.3:29.62Franklin and Marshall College In
Williams, JadaFrostburg St.3:38.87Frostburg and Salisbury
400 Yard Individual Medley
Murphy, MeganMary Washington4:34.92Gettysburg Invitational20
Cox, AbbyMary Washington4:36.12Gettysburg Invitational17
Radcliffe, VictoriaSalisbury4:41.01Swarthmore Invitational 201516
Cassidy, ClaireMarymount4:52.49R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation15
Banks, KaceyYCP4:53.752015 Lions Invitational14
Guay, ClaudiaSalisbury4:59.79Swarthmore Invitational 201513
Schult, NickiSalisbury5:04.92Swarthmore Invitational 201512
Tonkay, MaddieYCP5:10.94YCP v WJU11
Sonnenberg, RachelSt. Mary's MD5:13.79WC vs St Marys '159
Andersen, KatieSt. Mary's MD5:17.42R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation7
Hay, SamanthaYCP5:37.39YCP v WJU6
Zalkind, SaraYCP5:45.86YCP v WJU5
200 Yard Medley Relay
Mary Washington RelayMary Washington1:45.79Gettysburg Invitational40
St. Mary's MD RelaySt. Mary's MD1:54.81vs. Randolph-Macon College34
Frostburg St. RelayFrostburg St.1:55.46Franklin and Marshall College In32
Marymount RelayMarymount1:55.71R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation30
Salisbury RelaySalisbury1:56.58Swarthmore Invitational 201528
400 Yard Medley Relay
Mary Washington RelayMary Washington3:55.80Gettysburg Invitational40
Marymount RelayMarymount4:08.18R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation34
St. Mary's MD RelaySt. Mary's MD4:10.45R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation32
Salisbury RelaySalisbury4:13.64Swarthmore Invitational 201530
Frostburg St. RelayFrostburg St.4:18.54Franklin and Marshall College In28
200 Yard Freestyle Relay
Mary Washington RelayMary Washington1:37.28Gettysburg Invitational40
St. Mary's MD RelaySt. Mary's MD1:42.42R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation34
Marymount RelayMarymount1:43.12R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation32
Frostburg St. RelayFrostburg St.1:43.54Franklin and Marshall College In30
Salisbury RelaySalisbury1:45.62Swarthmore Invitational 201528
400 Yard Freestyle Relay
Mary Washington RelayMary Washington3:32.36Gettysburg Invitational40
St. Mary's MD RelaySt. Mary's MD3:38.68R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation34
YCP RelayYCP3:42.622015 Lions Invitational32
Marymount RelayMarymount3:46.28R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation30
Frostburg St. RelayFrostburg St.3:49.12Franklin and Marshall College In28
Salisbury RelaySalisbury3:52.92Swarthmore Invitational 201526
800 Yard Freestyle Relay
Mary Washington RelayMary Washington7:48.55Gettysburg Invitational40
St. Mary's MD RelaySt. Mary's MD7:55.19R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation34
Marymount RelayMarymount8:21.78R-M C Yellow Jacket Invitation32
Salisbury RelaySalisbury8:22.98Swarthmore Invitational 201530
Frostburg St. RelayFrostburg St.9:38.52Franklin and Marshall College In28

Score Report

Show By:
Mary Washington
Mary Washington Relay 200
Hagy, Hannah 57
Corley, Anna 57
Murphy, Megan 56
Walnut, Ashley 51
Cox, Abby 49
Coryell, Shannon 48
Hallock, Stephanie 47
Fago, Katie 47
Adams, Emily 47
Rymer, Maddy 46
Luncher, Kaitlin 39
Miller, Michaela 37
Mooney, Taylor 33
Neubig, Maggie 27
Stewart, Bailey 26
Wood, Lauren 14
Makriyianis, Helen 7
Marymount Relay 158
Alston, Morgan 49
Cassidy, Claire 43
Schmidt, Kassidy 35
Hester, Jessica 33
David, Katharina 32
Plumley, Taylor 31
Hood, Taylor 30
Kristen, Kilroy 18
Delsignore, Hanna 13
Rivera, Marisol 11
Rodgers, Delaney 11
Davis, Holly 5
Beuchert, Emily 5
Funk, Lauren 4
McDermott, Alison 2
Early, Taylor 0
Blecha, Isabella 0
St. Mary's MD
St. Mary's MD Relay 168
Machlin, Cara 51
Straathof, Elizabeth 41
McIlmail, Zoe 41
Valenti, Elizabeth 37
Sonnenberg, Rachel 29
Baughman, Hailley 28
Straight, Karlie 27
Liming, Samantha 10
Andersen, Katie 7
Schoenecker, Samantha 2
Lertora, Nicole 1
Castelli, Helen 0
Green, Emma 0
Salisbury Relay 142
Radcliffe, Victoria 43
Baldinazzo, Bizu 35
Gable, Layne 30
Schult, Nicki 30
Marders, Nikky 20
Guay, Claudia 19
Tinus, Madison 16
Davidson, Samantha 13
Deering, Margaret 11
Lisk, Rachel 10
Mesmer, Shannon 8
Schlegel, Hannah 7
Charkowick, Nicole 6
Wilson, Stephanie 6
Moyer, Andria 6
Mallory, Eden 5
Adams, Kathryn 4
Mann, Maddy 60
Banks, Kacey 41
Sturgis, Andrea 32
YCP Relay 32
Hay, Samantha 30
Tonkay, Maddie 23
Blackwell, Brianna 19
Donahue, Mackenzie 18
McConaghy, Kate 15
Bogdanski, Julia 14
Michielini, Taylor 12
Witte, Taylor 10
Allera, Maria 7
Jablonski, Carly 5
Zalkind, Sara 5
Bowman, Alexandra 3
Snyder, Aubree 0
Kobus, Reilly 0
Frostburg St.
Frostburg St. Relay 146
Nitchie, Macey 49
Weinberger, Maddie 48
Turner, Emily 38
Fazenbaker, Sydney 9
Tobin, Deanna 2
Alessandrini, Chrissy 2
Caver, Jane' 0
Murtaugh, Karen 0
Williams, Jada 0
Mauricio, Caitlyn 0
Russo, Maria 0
Barmoy, Emily 0
Pettyjohn-Robin, Lauren 0
Wade, Aili 0
Rees, Bryanna 0
Will, Sam 0

Final Scores

Mary Washington888
St. Mary's MD442
Frostburg St.294

Placing Probabilities

We estimate the probabilities that each team will finish in a certain spot by simulating the meet 100 times and giving each swim a 2% variation. A 10% chance of first place means that the team finished first in 10% of the simulated meets.