Taper Meet

Simulate a conference or national swim meet using either a swimmer's top times or their median times.

Simulated Results

50 Yard Freestyle
Knaak, PaulSt. John's21.242015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
France, AndrewSt. Olaf21.332015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
Schwarzkopf, KarlCarleton21.382015 Jean Freeman Invitational16
Grinich, StephenCarleton21.432015 Jean Freeman Invitational15
McAneny, GeorgeCarleton21.472015 Jean Freeman Invitational14
Clay, CodyHamline22.192015 Jean Freeman Invitational13
Thiede, BrodieSt. Olaf22.312015 Jean Freeman Invitational11.5
Urness, AndrewSt. John's22.312015 Jean Freeman Invitational11.5
Magee, ConnorSt. John's22.402015 Jean Freeman Invitational9
Konsor, SamSt. John's22.422015 Jean Freeman Invitational7
France, NathanielSt. Olaf22.43St. Olaf College vs. Universit6
Peters, AdamGustavus22.462015 Jean Freeman Invitational5
Foster-Smith, TiernanCarleton22.472015 Jean Freeman Invitational4
Eyman Casey, AbeSt. Olaf22.492015 Jean Freeman Invitational3
Hynes, CharlieSt. Thomas22.64St. Olaf College vs. Universit2
Jones, DerekHamline22.70Roger Ahlman Invitational 20151
Peters, AndrewGustavus22.812015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Erickson, LoganHamline22.83Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Holman, ZachGustavus22.992015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Culloton, AidanSt. John's23.00CSB-SJU vs. UST
Gleason, SamuelMacalester23.052015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Ingulsrud, AlexSt. John's23.29Hamline Invite 2015
Ross, EthanHamline23.56Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Kearney, MattSt. Thomas23.93St. Olaf College vs. Universit
McCormack, BradenSt. John's24.03Hamline Invite 2015
Mutlu, SalihSt. Olaf24.032015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Heller, P.J.Saint Mary's MN24.262015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Lock, IanMacalester24.362015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Atwood, AndrewSt. Olaf24.62GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf
Hamilton, MaxSt. Thomas24.67St. Olaf College vs. Universit
100 Yard Freestyle
Lanz, MikeSt. Thomas46.542015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
Knaak, PaulSt. John's46.922015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
France, AndrewSt. Olaf47.462015 Jean Freeman Invitational16
Biwer, BaileySt. Thomas47.762015 Jean Freeman Invitational15
Schwarzkopf, KarlCarleton48.052015 Jean Freeman Invitational14
Urness, AndrewSt. John's48.062015 Jean Freeman Invitational13
Hynes, CharlieSt. Thomas48.312015 Jean Freeman Invitational12
Josephson, WilsonCarleton48.53Carleton - UST Dual11
McAneny, GeorgeCarleton48.632015 Jean Freeman Invitational9
Johnson, ParkerHamline49.062015 Jean Freeman Invitational7
Nelson, JeffreyGustavus49.20GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf6
Berry, SethGustavus49.262015 Jean Freeman Invitational5
Thiede, BrodieSt. Olaf49.342015 Jean Freeman Invitational4
Konsor, SamSt. John's49.352015 Jean Freeman Invitational2.5
Magee, ConnorSt. John's49.352015 Jean Freeman Invitational2.5
Bragg, WilliamGustavus49.872015 Jean Freeman Invitational1
Sparks, WillCarleton50.092015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Peters, AdamGustavus50.292015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Jones, DerekHamline51.15Hamline Invite 2015
Gleason, SamuelMacalester51.242015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Vorderbruggen, JoeSt. John's52.522015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Croaston, ToddHamline53.45Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Lock, IanMacalester53.542015 Jean Freeman Invitational
200 Yard Freestyle
Melton, WarrenSt. Thomas1:43.012015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
Pelutis, DmitriySt. Olaf1:47.192015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
Clay, CodyHamline1:47.482015 Jean Freeman Invitational16
Knaak, PaulSt. John's1:47.912015 Jean Freeman Invitational15
Josephson, WilsonCarleton1:48.67GUSTAVUS vs Carleton14
Stern, JakeGustavus1:48.902015 Jean Freeman Invitational13
Gorman, HoddHamline1:49.16Grace Goblirsch Invitational12
Berry, SethGustavus1:49.652015 Jean Freeman Invitational11
Peters, AndrewGustavus1:50.062015 Jean Freeman Invitational9
Bragg, WilliamGustavus1:50.592015 Jean Freeman Invitational7
Nelson, JeffreyGustavus1:50.72GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf6
Bloom, ZacharyHamline1:50.86Hamline Invite 20155
Hynes, CharlieSt. Thomas1:51.29Roger Ahlman Invitational 20154
Johnson, ParkerHamline1:51.972015 Jean Freeman Invitational3
Lara, VictorHamline1:52.162015 Jean Freeman Invitational2
Thiede, BrodieSt. Olaf1:52.73GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf1
Rukavina, LucasSaint Mary's MN1:53.512015 Jean Freeman Invitational
McAneny, GeorgeCarleton1:53.682015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Osmolak, TomSt. Thomas1:53.822015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Torvik, CalebGustavus1:55.682015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Greenvall, BenCarleton1:56.512015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Gleason, SamuelMacalester1:56.72Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Taylor, SilasCarleton1:57.152015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Streed, DavidSt. Olaf1:59.57Cow, Colleges, - Contentment C
Benson, WalterMacalester1:59.76Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Dyer, SamMacalester2:03.342015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Girod, GrantSt. John's2:03.962015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Sawchuk, NicholasSaint Mary's MN2:06.012015 Jean Freeman Invitational
500 Yard Freestyle
Melton, WarrenSt. Thomas4:47.022015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
Pelutis, DmitriySt. Olaf4:48.392015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
Mathson, AlexCarleton4:52.152015 Jean Freeman Invitational16
Schultze, BobbySt. Olaf4:52.70St. Olaf College vs. Universit15
Gorman, HoddHamline4:53.042015 Jean Freeman Invitational14
Stern, JakeGustavus4:56.552015 Jean Freeman Invitational13
Gerick, JoshSt. Thomas4:56.97Roger Ahlman Invitational 201512
Reischmann, PaulMacalester4:58.64Roger Ahlman Invitational 201511
Wallock, AndersGustavus5:02.892015 Jean Freeman Invitational9
Tri, JasonSt. Thomas5:04.72Roger Ahlman Invitational 20157
Greenvall, BenCarleton5:06.912015 Jean Freeman Invitational6
Bragg, WilliamGustavus5:09.472015 Jean Freeman Invitational5
Matthews, WalkerSt. Thomas5:09.97CSB-SJU vs. UST4
Clay, CodyHamline5:10.79Grace Goblirsch Invitational3
Berry, SethGustavus5:14.272015 Jean Freeman Invitational2
Streed, DavidSt. Olaf5:15.05St. Olaf College vs Macalester1
Nimke, ScottGustavus5:15.16GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf
Peters, AndrewGustavus5:15.282015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Rukavina, LucasSaint Mary's MN5:20.27Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Brazel, DaveGustavus5:21.242015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Reynolds, AaronCarleton5:23.572015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Berg, AdamHamline5:28.382015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Cancino, ChristianSt. John's5:33.40CSB-SJU vs. UST
Heller, P.J.Saint Mary's MN5:46.57Hamline Invite 2015
Dyer, SamMacalester5:54.17St. Olaf College vs Macalester
Perez, JacobHamline6:13.12Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Sawchuk, NicholasSaint Mary's MN6:15.12Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
1650 Yard Freestyle
Schultze, BobbySt. Olaf16:37.122015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
Melton, WarrenSt. Thomas17:08.192015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
Tri, ChrisSt. Thomas17:10.942015 Jean Freeman Invitational16
Mathson, AlexCarleton17:11.752015 Jean Freeman Invitational15
Gorman, HoddHamline17:12.25Grace Goblirsch Invitational14
Wallock, AndersGustavus17:17.012015 Jean Freeman Invitational13
Greenvall, BenCarleton17:19.782015 Jean Freeman Invitational12
Pelutis, DmitriySt. Olaf17:24.68St. Olaf College vs. Universit11
Gerick, JoshSt. Thomas17:29.532015 Jean Freeman Invitational9
Nimke, ScottGustavus17:59.942015 Jean Freeman Invitational7
Downing, GrahamSt. Olaf17:59.982015 Jean Freeman Invitational6
Bauer, NolanSt. John's18:09.732015 Jean Freeman Invitational5
Bergstrom, MicahGustavus18:11.932015 Jean Freeman Invitational4
Cancino, ChristianSt. John's18:35.082015 Jean Freeman Invitational3
Lara, VictorHamline18:41.96Grace Goblirsch Invitational2
Reynolds, AaronCarleton18:43.662015 Jean Freeman Invitational1
Olson, AndyGustavus18:45.89Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Streed, DavidSt. Olaf18:45.93St. Olaf College vs. Universit
Battiste, AlexCarleton18:50.872015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Kromash, BenMacalester18:50.93Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Berg, AdamHamline19:04.582015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Dyer, SamMacalester20:19.172015 Jean Freeman Invitational
100 Yard Butterfly
Lanz, MikeSt. Thomas49.662015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
Biwer, BaileySt. Thomas51.922015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
Grinich, StephenCarleton52.042015 Jean Freeman Invitational16
Alvarez, JoseSt. John's52.252015 Jean Freeman Invitational15
Anderson, BradySt. Thomas52.372015 Jean Freeman Invitational14
France, AndrewSt. Olaf52.592015 Jean Freeman Invitational13
Bussey, JamesSt. Thomas53.172015 Jean Freeman Invitational12
Welsh, JackSt. Olaf54.05St. Olaf College vs. Universit11
Urness, AndrewSt. John's54.072015 Jean Freeman Invitational9
Miller, BenGustavus54.162015 Jean Freeman Invitational7
Bergstrom, MicahGustavus54.172015 Jean Freeman Invitational6
Ross, EthanHamline54.252015 Jean Freeman Invitational5
Olson, AaronCarleton54.59GUSTAVUS vs Carleton4
Holman, ZachGustavus54.912015 Jean Freeman Invitational3
Sparks, WillCarleton55.422015 Jean Freeman Invitational2
Konsor, SamSt. John's56.282015 Jean Freeman Invitational1
McCormack, MatthewSt. John's56.99CSB-SJU vs. UST
Erickson, LoganHamline57.79Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Battiste, AlexCarleton57.912015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Vorderbruggen, JoeSt. John's57.922015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Croaston, ToddHamline58.02Hamline Invite 2015
Gerads, LucasSaint Mary's MN58.642015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Lock, IanMacalester1:00.65St. Olaf College vs Macalester
Ross, SeanSaint Mary's MN1:01.87Hamline Invite 2015
Bower, LukeMacalester1:01.99Hamline Pentathlon 2015
Gerick, JoshSt. Thomas1:03.07St. Olaf College vs. Universit
Ray, ChadSt. Olaf1:03.39St. Olaf College vs Macalester
Heller, P.J.Saint Mary's MN1:08.542015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Perez, JacobHamline1:10.102015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Whelan, JamesHamline1:15.40Hamline Pentathlon 2015
200 Yard Butterfly
Lanz, MikeSt. Thomas1:54.37Roger Ahlman Invitational 201520
Lau, ColinCarleton1:59.422015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
Alvarez, JoseSt. John's1:59.53CSB-SJU vs. UST16
Josephson, WilsonCarleton1:59.73Carleton - UST Dual15
Bloom, ZacharyHamline1:59.912015 Jean Freeman Invitational14
Welsh, JackSt. Olaf2:01.22GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf13
Ross, EthanHamline2:01.622015 Jean Freeman Invitational12
Larson, MaxSt. Thomas2:01.96St. Olaf College vs. Universit11
Bergstrom, MicahGustavus2:02.582015 Jean Freeman Invitational9
Grinich, StephenCarleton2:03.242015 Jean Freeman Invitational7
Carmichael, BryceGustavus2:03.862015 Jean Freeman Invitational6
Bussey, JamesSt. Thomas2:04.28CSB-SJU vs. UST5
Brazel, DaveGustavus2:08.242015 Jean Freeman Invitational4
Downing, GrahamSt. Olaf2:09.02St. Olaf College vs Macalester3
Holman, ZachGustavus2:09.802015 Jean Freeman Invitational2
Kromash, BenMacalester2:11.282015 Jean Freeman Invitational1
Plumber, ColeHamline2:12.25Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Battiste, AlexCarleton2:17.442015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Polzin, KevinSt. Olaf2:18.53St. Olaf College vs. Universit
Gerads, LucasSaint Mary's MN2:18.682015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Rukavina, LucasSaint Mary's MN2:22.55Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Campbell, JosephHamline2:23.102015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Ross, SeanSaint Mary's MN2:34.062015 Jean Freeman Invitational
100 Yard Backstroke
Osmolak, TomSt. Thomas51.862015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
Schultze, BobbySt. Olaf52.442015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
Schwarzkopf, KarlCarleton52.542015 Jean Freeman Invitational16
Brodie, JonathanCarleton52.982015 Jean Freeman Invitational15
Anderson, BradySt. Thomas53.782015 Jean Freeman Invitational14
Eyman Casey, AbeSt. Olaf54.16St. Olaf College vs. Universit13
Ingulsrud, AlexSt. John's54.212015 Jean Freeman Invitational12
Kearney, MattSt. Thomas54.372015 Jean Freeman Invitational11
McCormack, BradenSt. John's54.592015 Jean Freeman Invitational9
Miller, BenGustavus54.812015 Jean Freeman Invitational7
Schwab, AaronCarleton55.392015 Jean Freeman Invitational6
McCormack, MatthewSt. John's55.70CSB-SJU vs. UST5
Johnson, ParkerHamline55.882015 Jean Freeman Invitational4
Olson, AaronCarleton56.202015 Jean Freeman Invitational3
Taylor, SilasCarleton57.212015 Jean Freeman Invitational2
Plumber, ColeHamline58.792015 Jean Freeman Invitational1
Durbin, TaylorMacalester59.012015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Tonda, JoeSaint Mary's MN59.102015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Torvik, CalebGustavus59.122015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Erickson, LoganHamline59.49Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Nimke, ScottGustavus1:00.92Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Gerads, LucasSaint Mary's MN1:01.002015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Girod, GrantSt. John's1:01.232015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Cheng, SeanMacalester1:02.28St. Olaf College vs Macalester
Atwood, AndrewSt. Olaf1:02.29St. Olaf College vs. Universit
Polzin, KevinSt. Olaf1:02.30St. Olaf College vs Macalester
Peters, AdamGustavus1:02.68Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Benson, WalterMacalester1:03.702015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Eggersgluss, AndrewSaint Mary's MN1:04.55Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Croaston, ToddHamline1:04.93Hamline Pentathlon 2015
Berg, AdamHamline1:07.78Hamline Pentathlon 2015
Lebsack, JacobHamline1:09.76Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Whelan, JamesHamline1:12.44Hamline Pentathlon 2015
200 Yard Backstroke
Osmolak, TomSt. Thomas1:52.412015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
Eyman Casey, AbeSt. Olaf1:57.922015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
Anderson, BradySt. Thomas1:58.44CSB-SJU vs. UST16
Miller, BenGustavus1:59.852015 Jean Freeman Invitational15
Brodie, JonathanCarleton2:00.482015 Jean Freeman Invitational14
Ingulsrud, AlexSt. John's2:01.532015 Jean Freeman Invitational13
Tri, JasonSt. Thomas2:03.27St. Olaf College vs. Universit12
Kearney, MattSt. Thomas2:04.66CSB-SJU vs. UST11
Upton, JacobSt. John's2:05.85CSB-SJU vs. UST9
Plumber, ColeHamline2:05.98Roger Ahlman Invitational 20157
Schwab, AaronCarleton2:06.002015 Jean Freeman Invitational6
Olson, AaronCarleton2:06.972015 Jean Freeman Invitational5
Torvik, CalebGustavus2:07.682015 Jean Freeman Invitational4
McCormack, MatthewSt. John's2:07.712015 Jean Freeman Invitational3
Durbin, TaylorMacalester2:08.37Roger Ahlman Invitational 20152
Carmichael, BryceGustavus2:09.192015 Jean Freeman Invitational1
McCormack, BradenSt. John's2:09.222015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Olson, AndyGustavus2:13.282015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Reynolds, AaronCarleton2:14.18GUSTAVUS vs Carleton
Girod, GrantSt. John's2:16.13CSB-SJU vs. UST
Eggersgluss, AndrewSaint Mary's MN2:16.822015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Taylor, SilasCarleton2:18.06GUSTAVUS vs Carleton
Atwood, AndrewSt. Olaf2:18.22GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf
Reischmann, PaulMacalester2:30.98St. Olaf College vs Macalester
Lebsack, JacobHamline2:32.81Grace Goblirsch Invitational
100 Yard Breastroke
Wilkerson, NicholasSt. Olaf56.982015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
Sonnek, TannerGustavus57.662015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
Reynolds, GusSt. Olaf58.092015 Jean Freeman Invitational16
Foster-Smith, TiernanCarleton58.112015 Jean Freeman Invitational15
France, NathanielSt. Olaf58.142015 Jean Freeman Invitational14
Brackenbury, NoahCarleton59.882015 Jean Freeman Invitational13
Schuld, EricSt. Thomas1:00.78Carleton - UST Dual12
Rasmussen, CameronSt. Thomas1:00.83Roger Ahlman Invitational 201511
Robb, AlexSt. Thomas1:01.57Roger Ahlman Invitational 20159
Magee, ConnorSt. John's1:01.932015 Jean Freeman Invitational7
Hamilton, MaxSt. Thomas1:03.30Carleton - UST Dual6
Ray, ChadSt. Olaf1:03.362015 Jean Freeman Invitational5
Bussey, JamesSt. Thomas1:03.51Carleton - UST Dual4
Benson, ConnorHamline1:03.55Roger Ahlman Invitational 20153
Upton, JacobSt. John's1:03.562015 Jean Freeman Invitational2
Reilly, ConnorSt. John's1:04.522015 Jean Freeman Invitational1
Mutlu, SalihSt. Olaf1:04.782015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Terrien, GrantCarleton1:06.23GUSTAVUS vs Carleton
Tostenson, AaronSt. John's1:06.71Hamline Invite 2015
Mockler, BrianSaint Mary's MN1:07.252015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Culloton, AidanSt. John's1:07.382015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Dretske, CalMacalester1:07.52St. Olaf College vs Macalester
Isom, ChristopherSt. Olaf1:07.71St. Olaf College vs. Universit
Hedman, NicholasSt. John's1:07.822015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Stoltz, JackHamline1:07.98Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Jones, DerekHamline1:08.582015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Lee, JoshSt. Olaf1:08.82St. Olaf College vs Macalester
Tak, JacksonMacalester1:09.28St. Olaf College vs Macalester
Koo, OllieMacalester1:09.41Hamline Invite 2015
Rack, AlexMacalester1:10.662015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Bower, LukeMacalester1:16.52Hamline Pentathlon 2015
200 Yard Breastroke
Wilkerson, NicholasSt. Olaf2:06.072015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
Sonnek, TannerGustavus2:09.412015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
France, NathanielSt. Olaf2:10.392015 Jean Freeman Invitational16
Schuld, EricSt. Thomas2:12.232015 Jean Freeman Invitational15
Reynolds, GusSt. Olaf2:12.912015 Jean Freeman Invitational14
Brackenbury, NoahCarleton2:12.932015 Jean Freeman Invitational13
Hamilton, MaxSt. Thomas2:13.462015 Jean Freeman Invitational12
Robb, AlexSt. Thomas2:14.85St. Olaf College vs. Universit11
Rasmussen, CameronSt. Thomas2:15.392015 Jean Freeman Invitational9
Stern, JakeGustavus2:16.32GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf7
Upton, JacobSt. John's2:16.952015 Jean Freeman Invitational6
Foster-Smith, TiernanCarleton2:17.32Carleton - UST Dual5
Fairbanks, RileyGustavus2:19.03GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf4
Reilly, ConnorSt. John's2:19.522015 Jean Freeman Invitational3
Matthews, WalkerSt. Thomas2:21.07St. Olaf College vs. Universit2
Tostenson, AaronSt. John's2:21.222015 Jean Freeman Invitational1
Benson, ConnorHamline2:24.622015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Ray, ChadSt. Olaf2:24.932015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Hedman, NicholasSt. John's2:27.032015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Isom, ChristopherSt. Olaf2:29.022015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Dretske, CalMacalester2:29.64Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Stoltz, JackHamline2:30.472015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Mutlu, SalihSt. Olaf2:31.932015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Culloton, AidanSt. John's2:32.232015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Terrien, GrantCarleton2:32.93GUSTAVUS vs Carleton
Lee, JoshSt. Olaf2:34.14GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf
Mockler, BrianSaint Mary's MN2:34.172015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Koo, OllieMacalester2:35.322015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Tak, JacksonMacalester2:37.752015 Jean Freeman Invitational
200 Yard Individual Medley
Sonnek, TannerGustavus1:58.422015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
Reynolds, GusSt. Olaf1:58.912015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
Alvarez, JoseSt. John's1:58.932015 Jean Freeman Invitational16
Tri, ChrisSt. Thomas1:59.64CSB-SJU vs. UST15
Biwer, BaileySt. Thomas2:00.35St. Olaf College vs. Universit14
Wilkerson, NicholasSt. Olaf2:01.172015 Jean Freeman Invitational13
Brackenbury, NoahCarleton2:01.412015 Jean Freeman Invitational12
Welsh, JackSt. Olaf2:02.872015 Jean Freeman Invitational11
Larson, MaxSt. Thomas2:03.27St. Olaf College vs. Universit9
Schwab, AaronCarleton2:03.352015 Jean Freeman Invitational7
Sparks, WillCarleton2:04.232015 Jean Freeman Invitational6
Brodie, JonathanCarleton2:04.502015 Jean Freeman Invitational5
Bloom, ZacharyHamline2:04.672015 Jean Freeman Invitational4
Schuld, EricSt. Thomas2:05.02Roger Ahlman Invitational 20153
Fairbanks, RileyGustavus2:05.14GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf2
Bauer, NolanSt. John's2:05.242015 Jean Freeman Invitational1
Lau, ColinCarleton2:06.10Carleton - UST Dual
Lara, VictorHamline2:07.392015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Tonda, JoeSaint Mary's MN2:08.092015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Reilly, ConnorSt. John's2:08.142015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Robb, AlexSt. Thomas2:10.38Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Hedman, NicholasSt. John's2:10.482015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Campbell, JosephHamline2:13.44Hamline Invite 2015
Benson, WalterMacalester2:13.612015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Terrien, GrantCarleton2:13.95GUSTAVUS vs Carleton
Cheng, SeanMacalester2:13.97Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Tostenson, AaronSt. John's2:14.36CSB-SJU vs. UST
Vorderbruggen, JoeSt. John's2:17.822015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Isom, ChristopherSt. Olaf2:19.222015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Dretske, CalMacalester2:19.87Hamline Invite 2015
Lee, JoshSt. Olaf2:23.53GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf
Mockler, BrianSaint Mary's MN2:24.86Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Eggersgluss, AndrewSaint Mary's MN2:35.71Hamline Invite 2015
Tak, JacksonMacalester2:38.65Hamline Invite 2015
400 Yard Individual Medley
Tri, ChrisSt. Thomas4:13.652015 Jean Freeman Invitational20
Larson, MaxSt. Thomas4:15.432015 Jean Freeman Invitational17
Tri, JasonSt. Thomas4:15.672015 Jean Freeman Invitational16
Mathson, AlexCarleton4:17.972015 Jean Freeman Invitational15
Matthews, WalkerSt. Thomas4:19.882015 Jean Freeman Invitational14
Rasmussen, CameronSt. Thomas4:21.982015 Jean Freeman Invitational13
Downing, GrahamSt. Olaf4:26.47St. Olaf College vs Macalester12
Wallock, AndersGustavus4:29.252015 Jean Freeman Invitational11
Lau, ColinCarleton4:30.26Cow, Colleges, - Contentment C9
Bauer, NolanSt. John's4:31.362015 Jean Freeman Invitational7
Carmichael, BryceGustavus4:32.152015 Jean Freeman Invitational6
Fairbanks, RileyGustavus4:34.342015 Jean Freeman Invitational5
Nelson, JeffreyGustavus4:37.60Grace Goblirsch Invitational4
Olson, AndyGustavus4:42.082015 Jean Freeman Invitational3
Durbin, TaylorMacalester4:42.62St. Olaf College vs Macalester2
Campbell, JosephHamline4:42.91Roger Ahlman Invitational 20151
Brazel, DaveGustavus4:44.112015 Jean Freeman Invitational
Tonda, JoeSaint Mary's MN4:52.99Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Kromash, BenMacalester4:54.36Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Cheng, SeanMacalester4:56.53Grace Goblirsch Invitational
Stoltz, JackHamline5:00.03Roger Ahlman Invitational 2015
Polzin, KevinSt. Olaf5:01.77Cow, Colleges, - Contentment C
200 Yard Medley Relay
Carleton RelayCarleton1:35.532015 Jean Freeman Invitational40
St. Thomas RelaySt. Thomas1:35.572015 Jean Freeman Invitational34
St. John's RelaySt. John's1:36.092015 Jean Freeman Invitational32
St. Olaf RelaySt. Olaf1:36.312015 Jean Freeman Invitational30
Gustavus RelayGustavus1:37.272015 Jean Freeman Invitational28
Hamline RelayHamline1:41.192015 Jean Freeman Invitational26
Saint Mary's MN RelaySaint Mary's MN1:45.222015 Jean Freeman Invitational24
Macalester RelayMacalester1:46.99Roger Ahlman Invitational 201522
400 Yard Medley Relay
Carleton RelayCarleton3:28.712015 Jean Freeman Invitational40
St. Thomas RelaySt. Thomas3:31.772015 Jean Freeman Invitational34
St. Olaf RelaySt. Olaf3:32.312015 Jean Freeman Invitational32
Gustavus RelayGustavus3:37.302015 Jean Freeman Invitational30
St. John's RelaySt. John's3:39.19CSB-SJU vs. UST28
Macalester RelayMacalester3:54.962015 Jean Freeman Invitational26
Saint Mary's MN RelaySaint Mary's MN3:56.822015 Jean Freeman Invitational24
200 Yard Freestyle Relay
Carleton RelayCarleton1:25.392015 Jean Freeman Invitational40
St. Olaf RelaySt. Olaf1:26.442015 Jean Freeman Invitational34
St. Thomas RelaySt. Thomas1:26.58St. Olaf College vs. Universit32
St. John's RelaySt. John's1:26.682015 Jean Freeman Invitational30
Gustavus RelayGustavus1:28.672015 Jean Freeman Invitational28
Hamline RelayHamline1:29.362015 Jean Freeman Invitational26
Saint Mary's MN RelaySaint Mary's MN1:34.362015 Jean Freeman Invitational24
Macalester RelayMacalester1:34.942015 Jean Freeman Invitational22
400 Yard Freestyle Relay
St. Thomas RelaySt. Thomas3:07.792015 Jean Freeman Invitational40
Carleton RelayCarleton3:12.472015 Jean Freeman Invitational34
St. John's RelaySt. John's3:16.23CSB-SJU vs. UST31
Gustavus RelayGustavus3:16.232015 Jean Freeman Invitational31
St. Olaf RelaySt. Olaf3:17.80GUSTAVUS vs. Saint Olaf28
Hamline RelayHamline3:22.04Grace Goblirsch Invitational26
Macalester RelayMacalester3:26.372015 Jean Freeman Invitational24
Saint Mary's MN RelaySaint Mary's MN3:27.562015 Jean Freeman Invitational22
800 Yard Freestyle Relay
St. Olaf RelaySt. Olaf7:11.272015 Jean Freeman Invitational40
Gustavus RelayGustavus7:20.822015 Jean Freeman Invitational34
Carleton RelayCarleton7:26.312015 Jean Freeman Invitational32
Saint Mary's MN RelaySaint Mary's MN7:52.682015 Jean Freeman Invitational30
Macalester RelayMacalester7:52.952015 Jean Freeman Invitational28

Score Report

Show By:
St. Thomas
St. Thomas Relay 140
Lanz, Mike 60
Melton, Warren 57
Tri, Chris 51
Biwer, Bailey 46
Anderson, Brady 44
Osmolak, Tom 40
Larson, Max 37
Tri, Jason 35
Rasmussen, Cameron 33
Schuld, Eric 30
Kearney, Matt 22
Gerick, Josh 21
Bussey, James 21
Matthews, Walker 20
Robb, Alex 20
Hynes, Charlie 18
Hamilton, Max 18
Carleton Relay 186
Mathson, Alex 46
Schwarzkopf, Karl 46
Josephson, Wilson 40
Brackenbury, Noah 38
Grinich, Stephen 38
Brodie, Jonathan 34
Lau, Colin 26
Foster-Smith, Tiernan 24
McAneny, George 23
Schwab, Aaron 19
Greenvall, Ben 18
Olson, Aaron 12
Sparks, Will 8
Taylor, Silas 2
Reynolds, Aaron 1
Terrien, Grant 0
Battiste, Alex 0
St. Olaf
St. Olaf Relay 164
Wilkerson, Nicholas 53
Schultze, Bobby 52
Reynolds, Gus 47
France, Andrew 46
Pelutis, Dmitriy 45
France, Nathaniel 36
Welsh, Jack 35
Eyman Casey, Abe 33
Downing, Graham 21
Thiede, Brodie 16.5
Ray, Chad 5
Streed, David 1
Lee, Josh 0
Isom, Christopher 0
Polzin, Kevin 0
Atwood, Andrew 0
Mutlu, Salih 0
Gustavus Relay 151
Sonnek, Tanner 54
Stern, Jake 33
Wallock, Anders 33
Miller, Ben 29
Bergstrom, Micah 19
Berry, Seth 18
Nelson, Jeffrey 16
Carmichael, Bryce 13
Bragg, William 13
Fairbanks, Riley 11
Peters, Andrew 9
Nimke, Scott 7
Holman, Zach 5
Peters, Adam 5
Torvik, Caleb 4
Brazel, Dave 4
Olson, Andy 3
St. John's
St. John's Relay 121
Knaak, Paul 52
Alvarez, Jose 47
Urness, Andrew 33.5
Ingulsrud, Alex 25
Magee, Connor 18.5
Upton, Jacob 17
Bauer, Nolan 13
Konsor, Sam 10.5
McCormack, Braden 9
McCormack, Matthew 8
Reilly, Connor 4
Cancino, Christian 3
Tostenson, Aaron 1
Culloton, Aidan 0
Hedman, Nicholas 0
Vorderbruggen, Joe 0
Girod, Grant 0
Hamline Relay 78
Gorman, Hodd 40
Clay, Cody 32
Bloom, Zachary 23
Ross, Ethan 17
Johnson, Parker 14
Plumber, Cole 8
Lara, Victor 4
Benson, Connor 3
Jones, Derek 1
Campbell, Joseph 1
Perez, Jacob 0
Croaston, Todd 0
Whelan, James 0
Berg, Adam 0
Lebsack, Jacob 0
Stoltz, Jack 0
Erickson, Logan 0
Macalester Relay 122
Reischmann, Paul 11
Durbin, Taylor 4
Kromash, Ben 1
Lock, Ian 0
Cheng, Sean 0
Dretske, Cal 0
Gleason, Samuel 0
Dyer, Sam 0
Benson, Walter 0
Tak, Jackson 0
Koo, Ollie 0
Rack, Alex 0
Bower, Luke 0
Saint Mary's MN
Saint Mary's MN Relay 124
Rukavina, Lucas 0
Heller, P.J. 0
Ross, Sean 0
Sawchuk, Nicholas 0
Gerads, Lucas 0
Tonda, Joe 0
Mockler, Brian 0
Eggersgluss, Andrew 0

Final Scores

St. Thomas713
St. Olaf554.5
St. John's362.5
Saint Mary's MN124

Placing Probabilities

We estimate the probabilities that each team will finish in a certain spot by simulating the meet 100 times and giving each swim a 2% variation. A 10% chance of first place means that the team finished first in 10% of the simulated meets.